Next-Generation Reconciliation

There are many reasons why companies patent their technology. Considering how much capital investment these companies make in researching and developing new products and services, it is essential to apply for patents to protect this investment and th[...]

Maintaining accurate records of invoices and payments establishes a consistent pattern regarding income and expenses, thereby providing businesses a quick method to find areas that introduce waste. This is especially appropriate for any accounts paya[...]

Trying to keep track of credit requests, paperwork, and reconciliation is a real headache for many in the retail industry. Especially for liquor retailers, regulations require them to pay invoices to vendors by sending credit requests. This usually r[...]

Every alcohol distributor, retailer, or wholesaler has experienced the frustrations involved with credit processing associated with alcohol deliveries. Whether it is a shorted case, damaged product, or erroneous invoice cost, processing the credits d[...]

The thought of moving to electronic alcohol payments might sound tedious - especially when already faced with the complexities of payment regulations in the alcohol industry. However, payments by cash, check or money order can cause unnecessary incon[...]

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