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Scan-Based Trading Payments

5 Ways To Use Delivery Data To Maximize SBT Sales

Learn how online SBT solutions share POS and delivery data among trading partners. Ensuring suppliers deliver the right product at the right time.

Scan-Based Trading Payments

Top 5 Ways to Embrace the New Scan Based Trading

Scan-based trading agreements drive inventory control and sales for both retailers and suppliers––so what can hold back its successful adoption?

Scan-Based Trading Payments

How Scan-Based Trading And Pay-on-Scan Differ

Scan-based trading means a supplier owns inventory until scanned at POS, while pay-on-scan is similar to a consignment system. Here are the features...

Scan-Based Trading Payments

How Scan-Based Trading Improves Any Supply Chain

Do scan-based trading systems only hold advantages for retailers? Learn more about how SBT is helping improve the entire supply chain.

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