Scan-Based Trading Payments

When it comes to supply chain management, scan-based trading (SBT) systems offer many answers to operational transparency. Through data integration, SBT informs everything from delivery logistics to promotional strategies. While some argue that the b[...]

EFT payments are secure, less expensive, and more efficient than manual transactions. An EFT transaction costs you about 10 times less. They are also environmentally friendly!

If you're new to understanding scan-based trading, it's a process where a supplier owns your inventory in a warehouse or store until scanned at a point of sale. It's a technology many retailers prefer because it helps save them money on having to pur[...]

With technology linking retailers and suppliers better everyday, there is a re-emerging process that is allowing a more solid partnership between these two trading partners. Better data sharing solutions have fostered an evolution of Vendor Managed I[...]

For many retailers, the biggest cause of inefficiency comes down to the way their stock is managed. Poorly managed stock rooms can eat into profit margins, force staff to spend hours dealing with time-consuming administrative tasks, and, ultimately, [...]

When most distributors hear that they're going to be responsible for inventory management, they immediately assume that it's a going to be an unpleasant experience. Who wants to deal with the inevitable issues that arise with managing inventory?

For a retail business owner, it's challenging to have the inventory diminishing significantly while the profits remain the same, or worse—dropped. 

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