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Join 44,000+ Retailers and 3,600+ Vendors. And Growing.

See how iControl has helped thousands instantly improve their financial transactions and margins.

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Learn how scan-based trading software can enable you to raise your profit margins. Gain insights into:

  • The top three advantages of scan-based trading for retailers
  • Scan-based trading software
  • Four ways you can grow sales and profitability with scan-based trading software
  • How to overcome common challenges with scan-based trading software
  • How to implement scan-based trading software

Scan-Based Trading

Increase Cash Flow.
One Scan at a Time.

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See What You Could Gain.

Save On Inventory Holding Costs.

Only pay for inventory when items are checked out at the cash register. Offer your customers more products without the burden of paying for them upfront. Simplify your DSD process and instantly improve your business’s bottom line with improved cost and labor efficiency.

People checking resources with their inventory view dashboard
Man in warehouse checking inventory

Save Time. And Money.

Make work simpler and integrate all of your vendors into one single system. Save time with automated workflows and transactions. Gain peace of mind with 100% data accuracy –every time. Instantly improve inventory management, eliminate shrink, and achieve best in class performance within your DSD supply chain. 


Consignment Software That Works For You.

Get rid of the manual labor and improve logistics between trading partners when buying on consignment. And align supply and demand at the point of sale. Every scan.


Pricebook Maintenance

Outsource all your legwork with streamlined pricebook maintenance. Gain real-time visibility for every item you supply. And effortlessly collaborate with suppliers to set costs or promotions.

Inventory Checklist

Inventory Management

Experience immediate ROI. Improve store margins. View real-time inventory on every item you sell. No cash tied up on in-store inventories. And no on-going carrying costs.

Credit Card

Accounts Payable

One simple process to pay and reconcile your vendors electronically. Automatically generate invoices after every item is purchased. And use consignment trading to split payments with suppliers at the POS.

Increased Operations

Store Operation

Eliminate outdated and labor-intensive procedures that are costing you money. Save on staffing during delivery windows, and reduce backroom check-ins.

What to Expect.


Manage Shrink

Take the guesswork out of calculations and negotiations with a better understanding of shrink data. Easily collaborate with suppliers to gain visibility on the root cause.


Submit Price Changes

Submit price changes and product updates to ensure accuracy, every time. Review, and automatically reject or accept any price changes –for any item you sell.


Add New Products

Effortlessly manage and add new products to your inventory. Submit changes before delivery. And review, reject or accept for your stores.


Organize Sales & Delivery Data

Use one dashboard to easily manage and review your stores' sales and delivery data. And view product movement down to the UPC level for accurate replenishment, and reduce out of stock items.


Review Payment Disbursements

Review all payment disbursements and evaluate your day-to-day cash flow. Identify and recover supplier over-payments and under-deductions so you can keep tabs on your business.


Enhanced Supply Chain Analytics

Gain instant access to POS data for inventory management, forecasting and planning. Focus on your sales trends, and set up a plan to accommodate future demand.

Workers at Chevron unpacking inventory


“DSD is an area of frustration for many retailers in the industry.”

"Chevron was no exception. Our gross margins were low, the turnover of distributors high, and our price book department inundated with constant changes. We decided to find a company that would help manage this area with us. iControl stood out as a premier company. They have the knowledge, distributor base, and the customer base that makes them invaluable to the segment. It's incredible the amount of expense we have taken out of our day-to-day business as a result of their involvement."


Anthony Bandiera
Category Manager, Chevron

Get to know the process.

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Join 44,000+ Retailers and 3,600+ Vendors. And Growing.

See how iControl has helped thousands instantly improve their financial transactions and margins.