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Retailers depend on iControl's technology and expertise in order to improve Direct Store Delivery transparency and collaboration with their vendors. iControl empowers its partners to work in Harmony™ with their trading partners in a multitude of ways, including; Catalog, Pricebook, Point-of-Sale and Invoice Data Synchronization and matching, in addition to Payment Automation, Error Reconciliation and Settlement, as well as Performance Analytics and Forecasting.


Our Mission

Direct Store Delivery is a vital, beneficial, and profitable part of the retail supply chain. But it comes with significant operating and administrative challenges. iControl brings retailers and suppliers together to achieve more transparent partnerships and promote increased and better collaboration.


Our Vision

iControl's process automation software takes the hassle and pain out of DSD. We consolidate, automate and optimize complex DSD workflows and tasks between Retailers and their vendor-partners. We empower our customers to reallocate precious time and resources to activities that boost results.

Empowered Retailers and Vendors. Working in Harmony™!

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