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Alcohol Payments

Better Payment Process.
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Transform Your Alcohol Payment Process.

Gain faster, contactless payments without the risk of losing cash or check on delivery with EFT. Pay your invoices, stay compliant, and get maximum return on the alcohol category, hassle-free.


EFT Payments

Secure, less expensive, and more efficient than manual payments. Don’t worry about miskeyed information or miscalculations with an electronic invoicing system. Save time and money, and always stay compliant with your state’s regulations.


View Invoices

Easy invoice creation and submission. Gain visibility and always know what’s been submitted, remitted and paid. Access reports to compare prices. And always know who is paying on time.

Manage Validation Failures

Manage Validation Failures

Effortlessly manage validation failures before accepting or rejecting invoices. Verify dates, duplicates and authorizations. And make sure all invoice file details match.

Reviewing Payments

Review Payments

Review your paid and incoming invoices –all in one place. And verify all term payments so you can ensure they're paid correctly and on time. Every time.

Notification Alert


Gain an instant payment notification system. Automatically send and receive real-time updates on invoice and payment statuses so you’re always up-to-date.

RAS Integrations

RAS Integration

Simply integrate with your current RAS and easily manage invoices –no intervention necessary. Once invoices are paid, they're pushed back into your system. No waiting. No wondering.

Invoice Files

Invoice and Payment Files

Get invoice and payment files to update your books, accounting and inventory systems. You input your data. We'll take care of the rest.

Handling Payments

Handle Term Payments

You can now handle term payments in all 50 states, hassle-free. And gain peace of mind knowing that your invoices are being paid on time.

See What You Could Gain.

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Solutions For On or Off-Premise.

  • Chain Retailers

  • Alcohol Distributors

  • Independent Retailers

  • Alcohol Suppliers

Chain Retailers

Chain Retailers

Consolidate your administrative and financial activities with ease. And stay compliant with federal, state and local regulations –no matter your location. Gain a complete solution for alcohol beverage payments. Effortlessly push your orders to distributors electronically –formatted to match their requirements. Save thousands of hours with automated pricebook maintenance. And instantly reduce the number of reconciled invoices by +50% through automated invoice matching. Available to chain retailers in all 50 states.

Alcohol Distributors

Alcohol Distributors

Cut costs, reduce hassle and add value to your business. Easily integrate with your existing Route Accounting System. And collaborate seamlessly with your customers. Effortlessly accept electronic payments from retailers and restaurants. And access unique insights to optimize your business decisions. Plus, non-alcohol vendors can also pay you through EFT –all in one platform. Get started instantly and learn more about our no-cost participation options.

Independent Retailers

Independent Retailers

Stay compliant with all federal, state and local regulations –no matter your location. On- and off-premise. Leverage the PayApp Mobile payment solution for quick and seamless transactions –from images of checks to credit card payments. Be a part of a network 44,000+ strong. And gain access to features like POS data and unique reporting.

Alcohol Suppliers

Alcohol Suppliers

Make more targeted recommendations and improve your outcomes in the market. Gain visibility into POS data, streamline your financial transactions and join the first-ever national Point of Sales (POS) Insights marketplace. Get access and insights on sales and reports from 31,000+ bars and restaurants so you can plan accordingly.

How it works

Always stay compliant.

No need to worry about whether or not you are keeping up with federal, state or local regulations. iControl’s alcohol beverage payments solution is available in all 50 states and will make sure you stay compliant in every single one.

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Join 44,000+ Retailers and 3,600+ Vendors. And Growing.

See how iControl has helped thousands instantly improve their financial transactions and margins.