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Join 44,000+ Retailers and 3,600+ Vendors. And Growing.

See how iControl has helped thousands instantly improve their financial transactions and margins.

Red Lobster

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Learn everything you need to know about e-premise for alcohol and how your business can adapt. Gain insights into:

  • The evolution of e-premise for alcohol
  • How e-premise is taking away from on-premise and off-premise sales
  • What the rise of e-premise means for retailers
  • How you can leverage data and insights to improve & capitalize on lost sales

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To Stay Compliant with Alcohol Payments.

Gain peace of mind that 100% of your alcohol payments and remittances are accurate, secure, and on-time with iControl.


Leverage EFT Payments

Gain a more secure, less expensive, and more efficient way to pay. Leverage an electronic invoicing system so you can save time and money.

Validation Management Shield

Manage Validation Features

Effortlessly manage validation failures and verify dates, duplicates and authorizations before accepting or rejecting invoices.

Payment terms

Handle All Term Payments

Easily handle term payments in all 50 states. And pay your invoices on time, every time.


Get Instant Notifications

Always stay up-to-date with a notification system. Automatically send and receive real-time updates on invoice and payment statuses.

CVS Health | iControl Testimonial

CVS Health | Testimonial

“As leaders in Direct Store Delivery Process Automation, the iControl Team had always impressed me during my time at CVS.”

"Their focus on improving collaboration and execution between DSD Trading Partners is core to their purpose. I support iControl on their innovative path and accelerate growth."


Michael McEnany
VP Consumables / General Merchandise
CVS Health


To Improve Cash Flow While Maximizing Inventory.

Leverage consignment payments with your suppliers and pay nothing until the product is sold.

Increase efficiency

Improved Store Operations

Ditch your outdated and labor-intensive processes. Reduce backroom check-ins, and save on staffing during delivery windows.

Inventory management

Better Inventory Management

Easily view real-time inventory on every item you sell. Improve store margins and experience immediate ROI with no on-going carrying costs. And no cash tied up in-store.

Accounts payable invoice

Refined Accounts Payable

Gain an electronic system to pay and reconcile all your vendors. Use consignment trading to easily split payments with suppliers at the POS.

Cafe Express – iControl

Cafe Express | Testimonial

“iControl has not only simplified our alcohol payment process but also saved us 40% off the competitor’s price module.”

"Drew and his team have been great to work with. I would recommend their service to any business serving alcohol."


Lianne Jelson
Controller, Cafe Express


To Know The Best Products To Serve Your Customers.

See daily on-premise POS data from over 35,000 bars and restaurants nationwide.

Market metrics

Understand Market Dynamics

Understand which geographies and categories are rebounding. And which are lagging. Access sales data and trends by location.

Location insights

See Location-Based Insights

Spot emerging regional trends by zip code. And learn how your consumers are pulling through on products with historical data dating back to 2019.

Price management

Manage Prices & Promotions

Test new pricing strategies. And gain visibility into price compliance by product and location levels. See how POS impacts on-premise sales.

Join 44,000+ Retailers and 3,600+ Vendors. And Growing.

See how iControl has helped thousands instantly improve their financial transactions and margins.