Data Sharing & Harmonization

Customer data has been around the retail world for a while now, and with more and more data around customers coming in each day, the value of this data will continue to grow. Unfortunately, this source of information on customers tends go to under-ut[...]

Every retailer has a set of KPIs they focus on every week. Often these KPIs summarize thousands if not millions of data points that are occurring across thousands of stores. Stakeholders at numerous different levels of an organization need them to as[...]

We have all heard the saying “Garbage In – Garbage Out”, for some of us maybe a frustratingly number of times. Information Technology has developed great solutions to automate all sorts of activity but in most cases the solutions require that the sou[...]

Data collaboration has traditionally been a challenge for many retailers and suppliers due, in large part, to technological limitations of either partner to gather that data and share it in a consistent and timely manner. However, advancements in sup[...]

Meeting often unpredictable market demands for goods means having a 360-degree overview of your supply chain. For retailers and suppliers, transparency is a necessary ingredient for success as it improves efficiency and productivity in the entire sal[...]

**Originally published on** Interested in streamlining your business’s vendor payment activities? Who isn’t? This is one task any retailer would love to expedite as long as it doesn’t jeopardize payment accuracy. If you h[...]

Retail environments and supply chains are becoming more complex. An increase in online consumers and accelerated globalization means that more products are being sourced internationally to meet the expectations of more choices. These trends mean bric[...]

Support for PDI Data Exchange will be Fully Transferred to iControl on December 5th!  BURTONSVILLE, MD, November 28, 2016 – iControl Data Solutions (iControl), a leading process improvement and business insights provider to Retailers, Suppliers and B[...]

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