Data Sharing & Harmonization

We're living in a time when analytics software is more important than ever, especially within the complex retail industry. Taking a proactive approach to inventory management solves a lot of problems in this field, and using an analytics solution is [...]

The link between retailers and suppliers is an important one to keep cohesiveness in every retail environment. Just one miscommunication could cause a chain reaction that frequently leads to downtime scoping out a problem. It's even more problematic [...]

Being a supply chain director is no easy job, especially when having to exchange data with partnering retailers. You've perhaps worked as a supply chain director for years and became accustomed to many manual procedures in sharing data. But as the bu[...]

With the introduction of new technologies to gather and manage larger amounts of data, the cost of inaccuracies in that data is becoming more and more significant, and the numbers are sometimes staggering. Some sources say bad data costs up to 10%-25[...]

Big data has been getting a lot of press lately. Companies are investing significant amounts of capital to seize the opportunity that big data represents. However, while much of the focus has been on how to collect and analyze this data, very little [...]

CSP unveils finalists for 11th annual contest   TEMPLE, TX/BURTONSVILLE, MD, August 6, 2014 – The Data Exchange offering created from the partnership of PDI & iControl, has been named a finalist in the Technology-    Software/Services category for 20[...]

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