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The Importance Of Line Item Matching When Processing Alcohol Invoice Payments

One method for controlling discrepancies is through a well accommodated accounts payable program that prioritizes line item matching.

Maintaining accurate records of invoices and payments establishes a consistent pattern regarding income and expenses, thereby providing businesses a quick method to find areas that introduce waste. This is especially appropriate for any accounts payable processes. Developing a full view of these processes allows businesses to collect proper information about vendors and customers. Collected information can prove invaluable for planning the course ahead when deciding on the choice action concerning core business strategy.

Here’s Why Line Item Matching Is So Important When It Comes To Invoices

For businesses that provide hospitality services, like bars and restaurants, it is vital to associate the beer payments expenses of supply and labor with the income from service. When a discrepancy happens between these, solving this problem prevents businesses from causing additional stresses for themselves. One method for controlling discrepancies is through a well accommodated accounts payable program that prioritizes line item matching.

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What's the Difference

Differences between expected and invoiced costs prove trouble for businesses. Differences going unnoticed will add up to become enormous waste that cuts into a productive operation. To uncover differences, accounts payable need to include line item matching. This process compares the invoiced cost with other venues and retailers. The comparison matches by quantity and supplier and allows businesses to determine what is acceptable. A developed acceptable range for invoiced expenses produces an environment in which businesses can conduct themselves with consistency.

Staying Consistent

Maintaining normal operations is a goal that many businesses strive to meet. Accounts payable through line item matching helps to support this goal. For accounts payable, having invoices incorrectly flagged produces errors that add waste to all parties in a relationship. This includes waste in time, labor and money. Line item matching encourages strict review of invoices. This enhances efficiency by accomplishing an error-checking solution within the same time that a normal accounts payable program requires. This efficiency saves costs on labor and strengthens relationships with consistent interactions.

Line item matching can find greater efficiency through automation. Researching costs and comparing them to line items on an invoice can consume labor and time, but automating this process allows for labor to achieve the same results quicker. Accounts payable software helps to automate line item matching by collecting information and organizing it in an easy to consume display. Automation helps to keep accounts payable consistent through repeatable results that improve workforce efficiency, streamlines b2b payment solutions and most importantly diminish and recover invoicing errors.

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Opening Free Ideas

Because line item matching helps businesses by stabilizing their accounts payable, which results in developed relationships that produce consistent results, resources are available for use in other processes. This helps to arrive at a position where developing ideas into action produces fruitful endeavors. Businesses are free to explore possibilities for expanding and growing, including

  • moving into new verticals or different markets,
  • recompensing labor for post-satisfactory work,
  • attracting customers through signage, marketing, and novelty,
  • and developing greater entertainment value through WiFi, television, and music.

These ideas are possible because invoicing and payments are efficient and consistent. Efficiency and consistency make business operations predictable, and predictability affords businesses the ability to prepare for unknown problems while also giving them a chance to develop strategies and plans which address these problems.

Businesses that provide hospitality services, like bars and restaurants that engage in beer payments, maintain themselves by having a well figured accounts payable program that includes line item matching. By instituting this process, businesses can discern discrepancies between expenses and income through properly collected information. This information helps to build concrete ideas which can levy opportunity for exploring novel and unique approaches for growth and expansion.

To learn more about how iControl provides businesses in the hospitality industry electronic records software designed to automate payments and receiving of alcohol inventory, contact us.

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