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Leverage POS Data to Improve Beverage Alcohol Sales

Leverage Point of Sale Data to Improve Beverage Alcohol Sales


On-premise beverage alcohol sales represent half of the $250 billion annual alcohol sales in the U.S. and, until now, on-premise beverage alcohol sales have not been tracked. Control Data Solutions has created OPBev (short for On Premise Beverage), a cloud-based, syndicated data and insights solution to provide alcohol brand business teams with previously unavailable insights about their on-premise business. OPBev includes the largest set of on-premise beverage alcohol POS data available in the U.S. market - covering beer, wine, and spirits categories across all 50 states.

What Is OPBev?

OPBev is the first nationally syndicated tracker of alcoholic beverage sales for the on-premise channel in the U.S. and is powered by patent-pending technology. Based on POS data collected from more than 21,000 bars and restaurants, OPBev provides systematic insights through a self-serve portal for business end users. This all-in-one tool monitors and synchronizes on-premise POS sales to create actionable insights that are indispensable to alcoholic beverage brands, distributors, and restaurant operators.

Platform Features and Data
  1. OPBev sets the precedent for data reliability and frequency. With over 21,000 locations (and growing!), OPBev has assembled the most extensive data set available and delivers alcohol suppliers and manufacturers easy, quick, and intuitive access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date set of on-premise data and insights in the market. Focusing on actionable insights, OPBev enables brands of all sizes to make business decisions with confidence.

  2. OPBev features tailored, self-serve alcohol POS data for beer, wine, and spirits categories. The platform allows users to search by geography to see what’s trending when and where. With various drill down capabilities - including class of trade, serving type, volume, case equivalents, assortment reporting, share of market, pricing analysis, and much more - suppliers and manufacturers can monitor their brand performance relative to the category or segment as well as see competitor performance. This allows sales and marketing teams to have unparalleled market awareness and agility, resulting in more effective sales presentations and marketing deliverables.

  3. OPBev’s software solution cleanses, normalizes, and structures POS transaction data into standard category hierarchies to deliver intuitive business insights. We use patent-pending solutions to process and structure data from millions of daily POS transactions across thousands of locations. The “heavy lifting” we do empowers you and your teams to focus on putting OPBev insights into action and improving business performance with stakeholders and partners.
What Sets OPBev Apart From Other POS Insights Platforms
  1. Share of On-Premise Data
    OPBev represents the largest national on-premise POS data set in the U.S. covering all 50 states and three drinks categories. This massive and growing data set from multiple sources allows OPBev to deliver comprehensive, accurate, and unique business insights to manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and restaurant operators. 

  2. Share
    OPBev lets manufacturers benchmark their brand and product performance against the overall category, while also providing access to competitor sales, growth, and share performance.  

  3. Locations
    With data from more than 21,000 bars and restaurants, OPBev is an analytics asset with its significant data that continues to be enhanced. OPBev’s expanding coverage ensures that it will remain the most accurate and representative on-premise sales insights for your business. The ability to monitor emerging trends, issues, and opportunities gives you the confidence to take action with your business partners.

  4. Assortment
    OPBev includes product assortment reporting that suppliers are able to use for tailoring sales propositions for local liquor buyers by category/segment, city, restaurant type, and class of trade. OPBev delivers an unrivaled level of accuracy and precision with velocity measures and product sales by period based on actual pull through, consumer price, location, and class of trade.

  5. Price
    OPBev’s price analytics are driven by purchases made at bars and restaurants. This provides unique visibility to price performance and positioning of your brands/products compared to competitors. With the support of OPBev, it’s easier to spot outliers and understand competitive price and sales trends by serving format, geography, account type, class of trade, and type of restaurant. 

Request a demo for OPBev today to see the platform in action. Leverage this unique and proprietary solution offered by iControl to boost your sales and create healthier bottom lines. If you’re ready to access insights from the largest national on-premise alcohol POS data set in the U.S. contact us and let our experts give you an in-depth tour.

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One Secure Solution to Manage All Payment Programs. Effortlessly.

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