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Red Lobster

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Learn how alcohol sales trends have changed and see what trends you should look out for so you can adapt in 2022.

POS Insights

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Gain access to the most comprehensive and granular on-premise POS insights in the industry.

POS insights showing sales value by month

On-Premise POS Data on the World's Leading Alcohol Brands.

Jack Daniel's | Alcohol Brand
Wild Turkey | Alcohol Brand
Sauza | Alcohol Brand
Smirnoff | Alcohol Brand
Miller | Alcohol Brand
Corona Extra | Alcohol Brand
Jim Beam | Alcohol Brand
Guinness | Alcohol Brand
Beck's | Alcohol Brand
Coors | Alcohol Brand
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The Only Syndicated POS Database of On-Premise Beverage Alcohol.

Gain access to daily on-premise alcohol sales data for beer, wine and spirits –updated weekly. From over 35,000 bars and restaurants –nationwide. Know what your competitors are doing. And see how you stack up.

See What You Could Gain.

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Insights You Can Expect.


COVID-19 Market Dynamics

Understand which geographies and categories are rebounding. And which are lagging. Access sales data and trends by location.

Health checkmark

Brand Health

Evaluate brand health. And make informed decisions. View business performance snapshots by category, sub-category, brand and geography.


Competitor Brands

Understand your competitive product. See performances across each drink category and sub-category.

Category Performance

Category Performance

Measure your brand’s growth. And access branded and non-branded drink segments. See trends and sales evolutions –at all levels.

Location insights

Location-Based Insights

Spot emerging regional trends by zip code. And learn how your consumers are pulling through on products with historical data dating back to 2019.


Price & Promotion

Test new pricing strategies. Gain visibility into price compliance –by product and location levels. And see how POS impacts on-premise sales.

Red Lobster | POS Insights | iControl

Red Lobster | Testimonial

“We made the absolute right decision by selecting iControl.”

“The people are dedicated professionals that care about our success. The software works as designed. There were a few skeptics at Red Lobster that iControl could do everything we discussed, but to our pleasure, they have."


Nathaniel Weaver
Payable & Inventory Accounting Senior Manager
Red Lobster

POS analytics for benchmarked growth by region

Next-Day POS Reporting for Alcohol Payments, Nationwide.

Easily track inventory on direct-to-store delivered goods. And gain high-level strategic and actionable insights for all major payment programs in the Food and Beverage industry. Access the largest, most comprehensive data set from 35,000 bars and restaurants in all 50 states. And leverage a self-serve Tableau platform with analytics and insights on your sales and performance.

Our software reports on 3 million transactions every day for better insights and organized reporting. Optimize your unstructured alcohol sales data. Easily gain visibility into your brands, your category, and your competitors to make smarter decisions. And improve your margins.

Evolving Marketplace.

Broken down by key alcohol beverage categories, learn about the current market and gain valuable insights into:

  • Group 108Sales by location and performance
  • Group 108Where restaurants are rebounding. And where they’re not
  • Group 108How quickly sales are coming back