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iControl Promotes Kelly Poling to Chief People & Process Officer, Jennifer Skinner to Executive VP

iControl Promotes Kelly Poling to Chief People & Process Officer, Jennifer Skinner to Executive VP

iControl President & CEO Tal J. Zlotnitsky today announced the promotion of Kelly Poling and Jennifer Skinner, whom he called "two of our best and brightest" in an announcement to the company's staff.
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Poling, who has previously served as SVP, Talent, has been promoted to the newly created position of Chief People & Process Officer (CPPO, for short).   As CPPO, Poling will help drive the execution of cross functional strategic priorities.  To do so, she will work closely and cooperatively with internal business partners to ensure we stay on task and on track.  
"She will always be mindful of my goals, preferences and priorities for the company, and know when to ask for my input," said Zlotnitsky.  "In all things she does, she will seek to ensure clarity by and alignment within our senior leadership team.  She will be a conduit to me or Matt [Gutermuth, the company's COO] when lack of clarity, or new variables,  require further guidance.  She will continue to be responsible for HR functions and activities, including recruiting.  She will continue to ensure employee conformance with policies, procedures and standards."
Jennifer Skinner was promoted to Executive Vice President, Client Integration, from her former position as SVP, Data Integration.  Skinner joined iControl in January 2017 after iControl acquired her former company, eSkye.
:Jennifer has proven to me over the last couple of years that she is a uniquely talented individual, and that almost feels like an understatement," said Zlotnitsky in his staff announcement. "In her intelligence, her subject matter expertise, her product expertise, her organizational skills, her management abilities, and her wit, Jennifer has been a supremely bright light of excellence within our company.  I’m proud to elevate her to the next highest level in the company below the C-suite.  
Both promotions were effective immediately.

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