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Prairie Grain Bread Co. Selects iControl's Scan-Based Trading Solution

Prairie Grain Bread Co. Selects iControl's Scan-Based Trading Solution.

BURTONSVILLE, MD, May 12, 2016  iControl Data Solutions (iControl), a leading process improvement and business insights provider to Retailers, Suppliers and Brokers, announced today the Prairie Grain Bread Co. has selected iControl's Scan-Based Trading Solution.

The Prairie Grain Bread Co. has been independently owned an operated in Utah and then Virginia for more than 20 years. The company focuses on the use of all-natural ingredients in their bread varieties including: Honey Whole Wheat, 9 Grain Crunch, Golden Sunflower Wheat, Oat Bran, Golden Honey, Tri Seed, White Country, Low Cal Wheat, Ultimate Seed, and Spelt. 

Jay Price, EVP of Sales & Business Development at iControl, said, “I am thrilled to welcome Prairie Grain Bread Co. to our community of Distributors and Suppliers using Harmony by iControl™ as an enterprise solution to manage their scan-based trading programs more efficiently."

About iControl Data Solutions:

iControl provides retailers, consumer product goods companies, brokers, mainline distributors, and DSD wholesalers with a collaborative SaaS solution where they can share critical trading information such as POS activity in a normalized, harmonized, secure web portal. Our platform enables fact-based, timely, data-driven decisions that boost sales, reduce waste, promote efficiency, reward transparency, and align performance metrics. There are over 30,000 retail outlets taking part in iControl’s programs in all 50 states, over 120 retail banners, and over 3,500 suppliers participating. For more information about iControl, visit www.icontroldata.net.



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