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iControl Proudly Sponsors  "Empowered Women International"

iControl is proud to support "Empowering Women International" as they celebrate a landmark 15th year of empowering women!

"Empowering Women International" is currently celebrating a landmark 15th year of empowering women!

BETHESDA, MD, May 25, 2017 –iControl Data Solutions (iControl), a leading process improvement and business insights provider to Retailers, Suppliers and Brokers, announced today the Company has become a proud sponsor of Empowered Women International.

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Since 2002, Empowered Women International (EWI) has provided business training, mentoring, and support in the Washington DC area to help immigrant, refugee and low-income women turn their creative or cultural assets, artistic abilities, and skills into successful businesses.

EWI provides entrepreneurship training, mentoring, market access and support services to help talented and high-potential women monetize their creative or cultural assets, artistic abilities, knowledge and skills, and become change-makers in their families, communities and the world.

As women take their next step on the pathway to entrepreneurship with EWI, they experience professional and personal renewal that benefits their family and community. Over 80% of EWI alumni proudly give back to their communities by donating goods and services to local nonprofits, schools, and charities.

They have served more than 4,000 women whose success radiates in a myriad of ways. Highlights from recent graduates include:

  • 97% say they’ve increased their social support network through EWI
  • 70% consider themselves to be better role models for their children
  • 71% experienced greater economic mobility through a new job, income growth, or further education
  • 42% increased sales after program completion

About Empowering Women International:  

Empowered Women International unlocks the potential of women in the Greater DC Metro area facing economic and social challenges—including immigrants, refugees, and American-born women. They also offer talented and creative women dynamic training programs with professional teachers, mentors and a supportive peer community where they can achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. Learn more:

About iControl:

iControl is a leading provider of process improvement, payment settlement, and collaborative business intelligence solutions for the food, drug and convenience value chain. iControl’s software and support makes it easier for partners to improve performance and reduce costs through electronic collaboration. We process and remit funds for millions of invoices annually, while providing real-time visibility to store and item level inventory and sales data, with particular emphasis on Direct Store Delivery. Our network includes over 30,000 retail outlets and over 3,500 distributors and manufacturers in all 50 states. For more information about iControl, visit

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