My Experience with iControl

Eric Archer, Controller of Cherokee Distribution, shares his experience as a distributor working with iControl


Conagra Partner


"I have to say that one of the things that impresses me the most about iControl is the focus on keeping the tool fresh with relevant reports and time-saving features and updates. The iControl Team has always listened to our needs and questions, and is quick to offer help in trouble-shooting, even when it’s my user error. It makes it fun, on the vendor side, to actually have a voice in making this tool better. Thanks for all you do!”

Kim Smits



"We made the absolute right decision by selecting iControl. The people are dedicated professionals that care about our success.

The software works as designed. There were a few skeptics at Red Lobster that iControl could do everything we discussed, but to our pleasure, they have."

Nathaniel Weaver



"We engaged iControl to support our corporate objectives to improve operations, increase customer satisfaction and expedite our ability to receive, process and pay vendor invoices. We also were seeking a solution that benefitted the Vendors through better costs, easier billing and reduced their delivery times at each store. We are thril led with iControl's innovative service offerings that save us time, manage our cash flow more efficiently and improve the Store Manager's productivity.
What we appreciate most about working with the iControl team was their ability to keep us informed throughout the project and deliver the expected results. Their services have exceeded our expectations."

Bruce Elder



"As one of the top 20 largest alcohol Distributors in the country, Houston Distributing thoroughly evaluates all potential 3rd party solutions and partnerships. We have been impressed with iControl and its quick adaptability. They offer an industry-leading solution for beer payments, flawless integration with zero impact to daily operatio ns, and tremendous support during and after rollout. Just as compelling is the cost savings by switching to iControl. With just a few clicks, a customer is now paying by iControl."

Mike Foreman



"As leaders in Direct Store Delivery Process Automation, the iControl Team had always impressed me during my time at CVS. Their focus on improving collaboration and execution between DSD Trading Partners is core to their purpose. I support iControl on their innovative path and accelerate growth."

Mike McEnany



"“iControl’s EFTDirect program has been instrumental in improving our relationships with our customer by saving both of us time and money. We’ve been able to service our customers better by being able to offer an EFT payment solution that is free to our independent retailers. It has made daily operations easier having them switched over to EFT. We have been so pleased with iControl’s EFTDirect program that we offer it to every new retailer that opens in our territory.”

Trey Banta



“We have been partnered with iControl for a little over a year now, and it has been a wonderful experience! Their quality of service is top-notch, and their staff second to none. Accuracy and prompt services is extremely important, and that is exactly what we get! They offer everything we need at extremely affordable rates. I highly recommend iControl to any distributor or retailer looking for an EFT Program.”

Natalie Tuzon



"Before we hired iControl, it used to take DAYS to resolve DSD bills, and now we spend virtually no time on it. The iControl process is much cleaner, easier to manage, more accurate, and definitely saves us time!”

Mary Keeney



“I find iControl's reports to be user-friendly and easily manipulated to show the information that is relevant to a chain salesperson and to buyers. In the past we worked with another company who offered just one pre-formatted report, which did not allow for any customization of formatting, including historical data that allowed for ease of comparison (week to week, YTD, etc.)”

Mary Keeney



“iControl has not only simplified our alcohol payment process but also saved us 40% off the competitor’s price module. Drew and his team have been great to work with. I would recommend their service to any business serving alcohol.”

Lianne Jelson



“DSD is an area for frustration for many retailers in the industry. Chevron was no exception. Our gross margins were low, the turnover of distributors high, and our price book department inundated with constant changes. We decided to find a company that would help manage this area with us. IControl stood out as a premier company. They have the knowledge, distributor base, and the customer base that makes them invaluable to the segment. It’s incredible the amount of expense we have taken out of our day to day business as a result of their involvement."

Anthony Bandiera



“We signed on with iControl about a year ago with one major retailer; today we are processing with three of our bigger customers, a handful of independent folks, and are recommending a few more of our larger customers jump on the iControl train!”

Mike Fowler