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Empowering Retailers and Suppliers to Achieve Superior DSD Outcomes with less Hassle!

Our Empower DSDTM suite takes the hassle and pain out of DSD, so our customers are empowered to focus on what matters. Their customers.

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pay by scan

How Better Reporting can Improve Payment Accuracy

As a part of the "Alcohol Payments Series", this white paper provides an introductory overview of the types of reporting that can significantly reduce or eliminate invoice payment errors while improving collaboration between Retailers and Distributors. 

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retail analytics solutions

An Actionable Approach 
to Enterprise Analytics

As part of the "Retail Insights & Analytics Series", this white paper demonstrates how going beyond POS reporting to aggregate transaction level data by store and retailer loyalty card data sets can provide the best context for past results and the most actionable insights to influence future performance.

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wine eft

Fact Finding and the Single  
Copy Newspaper Business

As a part of the "Scan-Based Trading Series", this white paper provides an overview of Newspaper industry challenges, how those challenges impact Retailers and how scan-based trading can provide a solution to both.

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alcohol ach

Alcohol Payment Regulations

Alcohol payment regulations can seem daunting. The Prohibition Era may be long gone, but the regulations and laws created from it are still around. Watch the webinar recording to learn exactly what these regulations mean and how to approach them to make life as an alcohol retailer easier. 

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alcohol as payment

Alcohol Payments and Next-Gen ReconcilationTM

This video provides an overview of how retailers and distributors can benefit from the next-level technology of iControl's Alcohol Payments.

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pay on scan

The Benefits of PayAppTM for Suppliers

This video provides an overview of how suppliers can make COD collections faster, safer, and easier with iControl's PayAppTMmobile payment solution.

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direct store delivery

The Benefits of PayAppTM for Retailers

This video provides an overview of how retailers can make B2B payments fast, simple, and secure with iControl's PayAppTM mobile payment solution.

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scan based trading model

Future of Alcohol Payments

As the first ebook installment of the "Alcohol Payments Series", this ebook provides an overview of how retailers can benefit from being able to electronically reconcile alcohol deliveries against receiving records to the item level, per delivery  -- all while in the cloud.

direct store delivery software

Alcohol Payment Regulations: Myths & Facts

How much do you really know about alcohol payment regulations? Are you in compliance? Are you aware of all of your options? Our experts sort through fact and fiction in this ebook to ensure that you are in the know.

alcohol payment system

Know Your Inventory

As the first ebook installment of the "Scan-Based Series", this ebook provides an overview of how retailers and vendors can benefit from Scan-Based Trading in order to gain a more collaborative and efficient inventory management process.

alcohol electronic payments

The Mobile Revolution

Mobile transacting is becoming the platform of choice for progressive retailers and suppliers who are leaving their peers in the rearview. This ebook explains how mobile payments are revolutionizing retail, and how you can get your billing and payment solutions ready for the next wave in transacting.


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line item matching

Alcohol Payments Savings Calculator

iControl’s electronic payments solution for Beer, Wine & Spirits utilizes our industry-leading technology to provide Retailers and Distributors with a payment alternative that is convenient, compliant and secure – at a fair price.   Find out how much you could be saving!

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beer payments

PayAppTM Savings Calculator

PayApp by iControlTM provides   Suppliers and Service Providers with a convenient and secure way to request payments at a Store or Enterprise level. It also provides independent and small-chain Retailers with a convenient and secure way to pay for goods and services. Find out how much you could be saving by using PayApp by iControlTM!

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scan based trading

SBT Savings Calculator

iControl's approach to Scan-Based Trading is different because it doesn't begin with payments. Our solution begins with data synchronization, integrating our advanced analytics and financial management experience to ensure the payments we process are 100% accurate.

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direct store delivery

Direct Store Delivery Savings Calculator

Direct Store Delivery is a vital, beneficial, and profitable part of the retail supply chain. But it comes with significant operating and administrative challenges. See how much iControl’s DSD software can increase your profitability.

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sbt scan based trading

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