Our Core Values


  • I only say things about my colleagues that I will say to their face
  • I respect my colleagues time and come on-time and fully-prepared
  • I treat people with respect independent of their status or
    disagreement with me
  • In stressful situations, I communicate calmly and respectfully,
    and remember that my words and actions affect my colleagues
    professionally and personally


  • I care deeply about what I do, what we do, and how we do it
  • I work positively, with passion, and have fun while I’m doing it
  • I find opportunities and take the time to joyously celebrate the
    success of my colleagues


  • I know and can explain what I am – and am not – trying to do, andwhy
  • I identify root causes, and get beyond treating symptoms
  • I think through my actions and separate for myself and others what must be done well now, from what can be improved later
  • I am scrappy. I find ways to move forward and solve problems thoughtfully when circumstances require me to do so


  •  I hold myself accountable for my performance and expect only the highest standard from myself
  • I hold my colleagues to the highest standards of performance
  • I have the courage and honesty to accept responsibility for my actions, including my mistakes
  • I have high ambitions for the company and will gladly put in the time and hard work to make it successful


  • I follow-through and honor my commitments to others, both
    internally and externally
  • I act ethically and earn trust with honesty and reliability
  • I make decisions with the company’s best interests in mind, and
    have a desire to be a part of something bigger than myself


  • I enjoy team-work, and value the contributions of others
  • I am transparent and share information with others for the
    common good
  • I ask my colleagues for help considerately, and help others when asked
  • I make time on my schedule to be available to my colleagues for help and advice


  • I plan more, I react less
  • My actions have an impact, I don’t succumb to busy work
  • I strive to be an expert, by leading, sharing, growing and
  • I realize that in a growing company, change is about the only
    thing that is constant and predictable. I remain cool, resourceful,
    and resilient when “the shit hits the fan”


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