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Mobile transacting is becoming the platform of choice for progressive retailers and suppliers who are leaving their peers in the rearview. Download your free copy to learn how mobile payments are revolutionizing retail, and get your billing and payment solutions ready for the next wave in transacting.

In this ebook, you will learn:

  • How mobile transacting introduces transparency to your processes.
  • What mobile means for business efficiency.
  • Why digitized billing and payment processes help establish a safer work environment.
  • Where old processes hurt your business and how mobile improves them.

Make sure you download your free copy of our ebook: How Mobile Transacting is Revolutionizing B2B Payments, and learn how you can join the movement towards safer, faster and more transparent transacting.

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Discover the true cost of check,
cash, and credit card transacting


Identify the risks of dealing with outdated billing and payment systems


Understand how mobile
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