Make the Smart Switch to EFT

Save time, money, and a trip to the bank, with EFT. We will electronically transmit your payments 
and make your funds available immediately,  with no additional fees applied from your bank.

Expedite your payments.
iControl now offers electronic payments for all distributor customers and at a cost that is significantly cheaper than paper checks, and in many cases at no cost at all!   

  • Faster Payments  
    often days earlier, which can improve overall cashflow
  • More  Secure Payments  
    by eliminating lost or stolen checks
  • More  Convenient Payments
    bank deposits and check clearing are no longer neccessary

 To begin, click ENROLL NOW to complete the form and start saving time and money! 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my frequency of payment change?
No, both EFT and check payments will remain on the same schedule as your current payment.

How is my fee charged?
Fees are applied per retailer.

How will fees be applied to our Wholesaler ID?  Are we billed?
All fees will be applied to the payment of each retailer and will show as a deduction amount on the payment details.

When iControl makes a payment, will an e-mail notification be sent?
When an Electronic Payment is issued you will receive an email notification.  This notification will be sent to the email address you provide us when enrolling.

Will I receive a breakdown of my EFT payment?
You can continue to log in to your account and see your check or EFT details.

I am concerned with entering my banking information.  Is this link provided secure?
The link provided is secure.  It is using HTTPS protocol which encrypts all communications.

I am trying to enter our banking info and I'm getting an error message that says "This page cannot be displayed" when I click on the blue button in your email. Is there something wrong with the link or do we need to change some IE settings on our side?
You may have a firewall.  If that is not the issue, please try another browser OR we can take your information over the phone.

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