Covid-19 Retail Solutions

Covid-19 solutions

These are unprecedented times for both retailers and vendors. In further pursuit of our mission to feature solutions that help retailers and vendors be better operators and better partners, iControl has procured Covid-19 solutions that we have integrated into our suite to help our customers re-open and thrive.

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What is it?

A TOUCHLESS fever inspection kiosk with a cloud-based AI Analytics engine. Easy to deploy, works out of the box. Potential to add printer for "tested today - no fever!" labels.

Why do I need it?

Retailers who are asking their managers to check employee or vendor temperatures daily with a digital thermometer are putting a valuable asset - a store manager - within 18 inches of potentially infected people. Moreover, the thermometer itself touches dozens of people. This wholly touchless kiosk returns results within 3 seconds, keeps a record, and can recognize faces if desired. Great for store backdoors, for warehouse, for headquarter facilities, cafeterias, restaurants, and more.

How does it Work?

  • Anonymous detection of temperature, with or without mask – detects and provides an answer in 3 seconds
  • Accuracy +/- 0.5˚C | +/- 0.9˚F 
  • Facial Recognition feature can be activated if desired
  • Works immediately after the device is powered on
  • Companion screen designed for Safe Space content
  • Privacy and data compliant
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What is it?

A simple and inexpensive 2-D camera that uses Vision AI, connected to our software, that tracks & manages incoming visitor traffic with digital screening and monitor live your occupancy levels to keep customers and staff safe, without an employee being tasked with standing guard and keeping manual count of comings and goings.

Why do I need it?

Many retailers and restaurants are operating at limited capacity, at times with specific limits set by the state. Visitrack keeps track of traffic in and out of each location, providing visibility at a headquarters level as well as text alerts to designated store personnel. Exterior signage can help patrons know when it is safe, and unsafe, to enter.

How does it Work?

The 2-D camera is placed above the entrance to the store. As people come in and out of the store, the device records the store count, inclusive of staff. Based on location capacity limits set by a store administrator, the camera counts, tracks and records location traffic and sends alerts to store managers and other interested stakeholders.

Easy to install, configure and to start generating insights that will keep your staff, vendors and customers safe.