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Scan-Based Trading

Scan-Based Trading Implementations with iControl Simplified

Winning with Scan Based Trading. Moving a DSD category to scanned based trading could seem like a daunting task, but with iControl and the Harmony solution, it is simple. SBT doesn’t have to be hard or complicated!

Moving a DSD category to scanned based trading could seem like a daunting task, but with iControl and the Harmony solution, it is simple. 

SBT Implementations with iControl Simplified

We have implemented hundreds of suppliers and tens of thousands of UPCs onto the program.  The categories range from newspapers to magazines to propane to dairy to bread to salty snacks and water and… just about any general merchandise item you can think of! 

With only a few simple steps we can transition the inventory of these items off the retailer’s books, eliminate receiving products at the back door at the store level, and assist with replenishment to reduce out of stocks.  Once a retailer or supplier is a partner with iControl, it is easy to add additional trading partners and grow!

Scan Based Trading Software


For Suppliers

We will need to setup your complete pricebook in the system with descriptions, costs, retails, and add any cost zones if needed.  During the setup portion we will need to determine how the supplier will be paid, by the retailer directly or by iControl.  The Harmony platform can add in specific account numbers and vendor item numbers.  We would then determine how the supplier and iControl will transmit files to one another.  We can accommodate FTP, AS2, VAN, or email depending on the complexity of the implementation.  We would then go about finding what files we would be transmitting to each other and the specs for each file.  The most common files for SBT are below:

  • POS (Point of Sale)
  • Item Maintenance (879/888 – new item, 888 – cost changes, and 889 – promotions)
  • Remittance – If iControl is paying the supplier
  • Delivery/Inventory/Counts – If iControl is managing shrink
  • Any additional reporting for business intelligence


For Retailers

We will need to work through the exact same process above with the retailer with the addition of the invoice file.  The Harmony platform is extremely flexible and can manage different billing cycles and invoice aggregations, as needed.  We will also go over any shrink arrangements made with the supplier to make sure we have the proper settings in place to calculate shrink.  After we have the setup in place we will do a full cycle test with both the retailer and supplier to make sure both parties needs are satisfied.


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Post Launch

We monitor the sales over the first two weeks to ensure everything is going smoothly.  We look to see if all stores are reporting sales and report any issues.  We make sure all files are being processed and confirm when the first payment is released, if applicable.  We follow up and do any necessary additional training.



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