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iControl Publishes Ebook: "Alcohol Payment Regulations: 20 Myths & Facts You Need to Know"

Posted by Terry Smith on October 25, 2016 1:26:14 PM EDT

BURTONSVILLE, MD, October 25, 2016 – iControl Data Solutions (iControl), a leading process improvement and business insights provider to Retailers, Suppliers, Distributors and Brokers, published today the second ebook installment of the "Alcohol Payments Series". When it comes to alcohol payment regulations, there are plenty of misconceptions and questions. Are you in compliance? Are you aware of all of your options? Our experts sort through fact and fiction in this ebook to ensure that you are in the know.

Get the facts on questions like:

  • Do you need to have a TTB permit in order to get label approval?
  • If you do not run a bar or liquor store, but sometimes include alcohol beverages with your product or service, are you a retail liquor dealer?
  • Can a business recoup tax money from alcohol if the product is destroyed in a natural disaster?
  • If I own a brewery and brew my beer, can I store it on my premises since I'm a licenced brewer?


To download a copy, click below:



About iControl:

iControl provides retailers, consumer product goods companies, brokers, mainline distributors, and DSD wholesalers with a collaborative SaaS solution where they can share critical trading information such as POS activity in a normalized, harmonized, secure web portal. Our platform enables fact-based, timely, data-driven decisions that boost sales, reduce waste, promote efficiency, reward transparency, and align performance metrics. There are over 30,000 retail outlets taking part in iControl’s programs in all 50 states, over 100 retail banners, and over 3,500 suppliers participating. For more information about iControl, visit

 Free Ebook! 20 Myths and Facts on Alcohol Payment Regulations

Topics: Downloadable Content, Alcohol Payments

Written by Terry Smith

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