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Mobile Payments

How Mobile Transactions Reduce Risk And Boost Operational Efficiency

Switching to mobile transactions can help you reduce supply chain risk and increase operational efficiency. Here’s how.

Mobile B2B Payments

Today, businesses in all industries are under pressure to reduce risk and eliminate causes of both operational and financial inefficiency throughout the organization. Outdated processes for beer payments, in particular, are a major cause of such inefficiency for retailers.

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the reasons businesses and consumers alike are ditching cash payments in favor of B2B mobile solutions, and how you can leverage this trend to reduce risk and increase operational efficiency.

Data Inaccuracy

Manually counting cash, checks, and card statements are time and labor intensive on your staff, which can lead to data entry errors. Electronic payment systems provide more accurate payment data and make it possible to automate disbursement, receipt, and payment processes. This helps retailers maintain better financial data and is highly effective in minimizing—or entirely mitigating—disputes with vendors. Electronic B2B payment systems also make the financial supply chain more transparent, which facilitates proactive decision making that’s informed by verifiable data. Management can also access the latest reports, snapshots, and end-to-end historic financial information.


Before electronic payment processes were available, incidences of fraud within companies were much higher than they are today—tracing cash, check, and card payments were far more difficult. Thanks to the real-time financial information that electronic payment processes provide, retailers have far more visibility into where their funds are going, and any suspicious activity can be identified and flagged immediately. Best-in-class b2b payment solutions are also highly secure, which lowers the risk involved with handling cash or check payments.

Safety Hazards And Sustainability

Cash-in-transit vehicles can have financial risk further down the chain. Regular trips to the bank mean you’re spending more on fuel—and contributing more to carbon emissions—than you need to. The cashless nature of mobile payments eliminates much of the financial risk associated with traditional payment methods and removes the need for constant trips to and from the bank.

Frustrated Customers

A less obvious benefit of mobile b2b payments is that they are faster and less cumbersome than card or cash payments. The fast checkout times and user-friendliness that come with online shopping has made customers impatient to wait for lengthy card transactions or for cashiers to count out change. Mobile payments are the perfect counter to this. Wired ran a great article on the shortcomings of chip-and-pin cards that you can read for some more information. Replacing printed invoices with digital ones wherever possible is also worth considering. This will reduce the time customers spend at the till leading to faster checkouts and happier shoppers.


PayApp by iControl is the embodiment of that digital and agile revolution. This mobile B2B payments solution suits all the needs a business can have, be it a store or enterprise level, to ensure payments are done swiftly, securely and easily. To find out more about PayApp or to get started and see for yourself, click here.

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One Secure Solution to Manage All Payment Programs. Effortlessly.

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