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Harmony by iControl™ - July 2016 Release Notes

Harmony by iControl™ - July 2016 Release Notes.

To ensure our clients have the best experience using our solutions, iControl continuously works to refine capabilities and functionality based on user feedback.  We are excited to provide this monthly summary of completed enhancements and improvements to overall performance.

Topic:  Alcohol Payments

  • Alcohol Payments distributors can now edit any invoice submitted but not processed and re-submit it for validation.
  • Improvement to Alcohol Payments invoice entry. Distributors can now add invoices by using the distributor store number.
  • New feature allowing suppliers to fix invoices with validation date errors.
  • Enhancement for invoices normally rejected due to being prior to live-date can now be resubmitted.
  • A new "Class of Trade" menu has been made available to categorize clients.
  • Accounts Payable can now identify adjustment invoices not included for payment release.
  • New search functions by invoice creation date on the "Banking Activity" tab for Alcohol Payments will provide suppliers with easier reconciliation of their monthly billing.
  • Emails have been consolidated so now one file submission summary email is sent to the user. This will reduce the number of emails being sent for each entity when the user is assigned to multiple entities.
  • Alcohol Payments IOP tool has been enhanced to include set-up of EFTDirect™ relationships. This improvement further streamlines the on-boarding process as the Alcohol Payments Implementation Team will be managing this function.
  • Alcohol Payments "Regulated Invoices" option has been hidden for suppliers who are not categorized as Alcohol Payments suppliers. 
  • Check is now by supplier type instead of by user type.

Topic:  Scan-Based Trading

  • "Pending Deliveries and Counts" report for SBT users is now on-demand.
  • Inbound file mover processing speed improved.
  • ACH Enrollment form chain option has expanded to include all Retail chains has been made available.



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