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Alcohol Payments

Alcohol Regulations by State [Infographic]

What are the alcohol regulations in each state? This infographic shows how simple it really is. iControl’s alcohol payment process is authorized and compliant in all 50 states.

Serving, selling, distributing or manufacturing alcoholic beverages can be a very profitable business. However, there are strict regulations that need to be followed specific to the distribution and sale of beer, wine and spirits - including everything from getting a license to maintaining careful transaction records.

Alcohol regulations vary by state. This may seem unimportant, but when selling alcohol in multiple states, your business has to make sure you’re staying compliant with state-specific regulations.

Sounds complicated right? 

When you break it down, alcohol payment regulations become straightforward.

While there may be a few differences among groupings of states, the truth is that following alcohol regulations are easier to understand than you may think - and you have more than one option to make sure you’re always maintaining compliance.

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In this infographic, you'll find an easy reference to groups of states that share the same regulations and which are areas where the state government controls the alcohol regulations, instead of the federal government. These payment regulations involve the allowable payment for shipments and deliveries of alcohol.

Alcohol Regulations by State | iControl

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So how can I make sure I am staying compliant?

So now that you have the information you need to understand these regulations, what are the next steps to make sure your company is following the rules? There is more than one option available to you for ensuring your alcohol payment processes are in compliance with these regulations.

While no state actually "approves" a 3rd-party provider to process alcohol payments, it is important to know that the provider you choose has a process in place to transact EFT payments for beer, wine and spirits that is available and in compliance with the regulations of that state.

iControl is one of these providers, as our payment process is available in all 50 states and compliant with all state regulations. iControl's convenient, compliant and secure payment process is the most reliable way to ensure accuracy, timeliness and compliance of all payments.

With iControl, you can be sure that your payment process is always in compliance, while driving your costs down and increasing efficiency. Contact us if you have any more questions regarding these regulations and to learn more about our alcohol payments process.

Get the Alcohol Regulations by State Inforgraphic

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