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6 Ways Mobile Payments Can Streamline Newspaper Deliveries

Here are 6 ways mobile payments can streamline newspaper deliveries.

As a newspaper distributor, your routes have you dropping off papers in the early morning hours before most retailers even open. You drop the papers off at the door and hope that the retailer sells out that day because you can't sell the papers tomorrow. In order to get paid, you have to return to the store during the retailer's business hours, hope they are at the store and not busy with a customer when you arrive, possibly wait until they are available, and then get paid on the spot with cash, check or a money order.6_Ways_Mobile_Payments_Can_Streamline_Newspaper_Deliveries.jpg

This method has a lot of inefficiency and wasted time connected to it, including driving around to all the different locations, struggling to get payments turned in, making bank deposits and having to deal with excessive amounts of cash. PayApp™ by iControl would solve many of the issues you face.

Here are 6 ways mobile payments can streamline newspaper deliveries: 

1. Request Payment Electronically for Your Paper Deliveries

Rather than having to generate an invoice and deliver it through another trip to your retailers, you can simply request a payment with an attached invoice through PayApp™ and wait for it to be paid. PayApp™ will send it to store manager, and then the store manager just needs to touch a link and pay it without any interruptions in productivity or customer service. It makes things easier for everyone involved.

2. Save Time From Traveling Your Delivery Route Just to Collect Payments

You no longer have to travel back to the store to request payment because it is all electronic. This eliminates the need to make another trip just to collect the money. You will save time and fuel expense. It also helps the retailers because they won’t have to be interrupted in their store to pay the invoice. Everything will be electronic, and therefore able to be done when it is most convenient.

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3. Receive Money Faster

You probably only go to the stores once a week to let the retailer know that you have delivered 100 papers, 20 each day - and that they owe you $100. By using PayApp™, you will receive money faster because you can request payments sooner. You can submit invoices when you want, as often as you want. For example, receive $20 each day because you can send the retailer an invoice daily and be able to pay it with just a few clicks instead of having to wait 2 weeks for payment.

4. Decrease Your Risk of Handling Cash

Cash payments can be misplaced, lost, or stolen quite easily. PayApp™ eliminates those risks because everything will be electronic. Retailers will also find it much easier to log in to the app and submit an electronic payment instead of taking money out of their till.

5. Electronic Invoicing Allows Tracking Over Time

Unlike printed invoices using dated technology, invoices through PayApp™ are electronic. You will be able to track changes and progress over time. You will now have a simple electronic record of all your invoices and can track payments from each of your retailers.

6. Process Credits Electronically

If you have return credits, you can easily process the transaction through PayApp™ and issue credit to your retailer. You will no longer need to give payment back to the retailer or keep track of a piece of paper with the amount of credit owed. Instead, it can all be done electronically, with the retailer knowing quickly how much their account has been credited.

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You should be able to get paid without stress or worry. PayApp™ can make that happen. Invoicing will become easier for both you and your retailers. If you are a distributor who is ready to streamline your newspaper deliveries with mobile payments, then contact us today.

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