Alcohol Payment Solutions

iControl’s electronic payments solution for Beer, Wine & Spirits utilizes our industry-leading
technology to provide Retailers and Distributors with a payment alternative
that is convenient, compliant and secure - at a fair price.

Our Solutions

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iControl is currently available in all 50 states and processing Beer, Wine
& Spirits payments in 46 states... and we’re still growing!

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Complete electronic payment service for Beer, Wine & Spirits including:

  • Invoice Remittance from Distributor to iControl for both Chains and Independent Accounts
  • Supporting both COD and term states
  • iControl EFT Debit processing from Retailer to pay Distributor
  • Invoice Detail is stored electronically
  • iControl’s Alcohol Payments process is available in all 50 States and compliant with all State Regulations


Additional features of iControl’s alcohol payment service:

  • Pricing Integration
  • Patented Next Generation Reconciliation (NGR)
  • Credit Request Generation/Tracking
  • Duplicate Credit Tracking
  • Program Cost Savings
  • No Implementation Fees
  • No Annual Maintenance Fees

“With five distributorships spread across three states, The Hand Family Companies distribute more than 40 million cases of beer annually. So the idea that iControl could offer significant cost savings, without adding additional work for our staff, just made sense. Their expanded partnership with VIP made the integration seamless, and the level of customer service and support has been as beneficial as the savings. We look forward to growing our mutual business together.”




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Your data is always your data. Period.

iControl believes it is our obligation to treat customer data as an asset, and that asset belongs to our customers. You can depend on iControl to be a responsible and transparent handler of your data.

At iControl, we take the privacy of our clients and their data extremely seriously.  So even though you’re using our proprietary software to collect massive amounts of data about your business and other 3rd party vendors, we want you to feel comfortable in knowing that iControl has committed to never sell or trade it to other parties. 

iControl’s position on ownership of data:

  • - We do not own our customers’ data
  • - The customer that contributed the data has ownership of the data
  • - We do not federate or aggregate customer data
  • - We will not seek to monetize our customers’ data without permission

How much could YOU save?

iControl's Alcohol Payment Solution is the most cost-effective and efficient option when it comes to your payment process. Fill out this savings calculator to find out how much it could save your business.

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