"How Better Reporting Can Improve Payment Accuracy"

The Reports and Dashboards Essential for More Streamlined Alcohol Payments

In the first white paper installment of the "Alcohol Payments Series", iControl provides an introductory overview of the types of reporting that can significantly reduce or eliminate invoice payment errors while improving collaboration between Retailers and Distributors. 




Included in this white paper download are detailed overviews of the reports and dashboards essential for more streamlined alcohol payments, such as:

* Billing & Invoice Summary

* Payment Status

* Credit Tracking 

* Dispute Resolution

* Authorized Product List 



Also included is a sample of reports available in iControl's new "Next Generation Reconciliation" product module that provide the following benefits:

* Improved Receiving and Invoice Reconciliation

* Improved Credit Tracking

* Automated Credit Request Functionality

*  Well-Informed Insights that Empower Action 

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