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One Secure Solution to Manage All Payment Programs. Effortlessly.

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Red Lobster

PayApp by iControl: Distributor usage

PayApp by iControl can be deployed in a number of different ways, including this example for distributors

Payapp by icontrol: A touchless mobile payment solution

Target Market

Most vendors deal with not only large and mid-size chains, but also dozens or hundreds or even thousands of independently-owned and operated outlets. PayApp is designed to streamline the process of collecting from those "mom & pop" retailers

Request Payments Remotely

Avoid having to send a sales rep to visit a "mom & pop" retailer by enrolling your customers in PayApp, where you can send them electronic invoices and they in turn can view those invoices, store them, and pay them. Retailers have tracking and reporting options.

Collect in the Field or from Office

Are your check pickups occuring during delivery? No problem. PayApp loads on any smart device, including phones or handhelds. Drivers can scan payments in the field and avoid any trip to the bank or back to the office. They don't even have to touch the check!

Mobile or Desktop

Give your staff and your customers the flexibility of operating entirely on a mobile device, or interchangeably switch from mobile to desktop and back again.

In this Covid-19 era, touchless payments are in high demand. We can help!

Pay Multiple Invoices at Once

PayApp allows your customers to lump together payments into a single submission. It won't impact your accounting office - PayApp will automatically reconcile the correct invoices against the payment submitted.


Overnight Deposit & Settlement

Instead of hundreds, or even thousands of checks needing to clear your accounting office and be deposited, PayApp deposits all your payments in a single electronic transmission, with a matching reconciliation settlement file.

Simple. Consolidated. Streamlined.

PayApp by iControl: 'Mom & Pop' Retailer usage

PayApp by iControl can be deployed in a number of different ways, including this example for small and independent retailers