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When it comes to B2B mobile payments, choosing the most efficient and cost-effective solution matters.



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PayApp by iControl was designed with suppliers and retailers in mind in order to provide a streamlined solution to invoice and collect payments. This tool eliminates many inefficient steps with the store payment process currently faced by small chain and independent retailers and their distributors.

With PayApp you'll get:

  • Consolidated Electronic Payments -  No more store level cash / checks.
  • Remote Collection Capability -  A simplified collection process reduces waiting time and the need for store visits.
  • e-Invoicing Simplifies Reconciliation -  Eliminates work that is traditionally done manually at the end of each day.
  • Eliminates Risk of Threat and Losses  -  No more cash and money order handling means no more risk.
  • Enables Electronic Funds Transfer -  EFT reduces the time spent on payment / deposit processing
  • Improves Funds Availability -  Removing the distractions and delays related to collections gets you paid faster