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Selling Beer, Wine, and Spirits: Understanding Alcohol Payment Regulations in the U.S.

Get everything you need to know about alcohol payment regulations in 30 minutes. 

Alcohol payment regulations can seem daunting. The Prohibition Era may be long gone, but the regulations and laws created from it are still around.

Access the webinar to learn exactly what these regulations mean and how to approach them to make life as an alcohol retailer easier.

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Duration: 30 minutes


  • Alcohol Payment Regulations Presentation
  • Q&A Session 
  • Access to a FREE Alcohol Payments Consultation 
Terry | iControl Solutions

Hosted by
Terry Smith
Director, Distribution Sales 

Terry is a 35 year veteran of the alcohol beverage industry. He started his career with a beer distributor in Cincinnati, OH. Later, he went on to work in various roles with Coors Brewing Company and MillerCoors LLC. These roles included; Distributor Sales Management, Wholesaler Operations, Field Operations Director and National Account Sr. Account Executive.