Mobile Payment Processing

iControl's B2B Mobile Payments Solution, PayApp by iControlTM provides
distributors with a cost effective and streamlined solution to invoice and collect
payments from independent and small retailers.

PayAppPROTM is designed for electronic payment requests, processing, and tracking at the enterprise level

For Retailers

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PayAppPROTM allows Retailers to receive invoices and make payments at the enterprise level to smaller Suppliers and Service Providers that are not on EDI.
  • View Pending Approvals and approve or deny individual or batch payments
  • Track Processed Approvals and Denials with archived e-invoicing
  • Review Cancelled Requests for accuracy and reconciliation

For Distributors
& Service Providers

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PayAppPROTM allows Suppliers and Service Providers to manage invoicing and payment collections from small chain or independent Retailers at the enterprise level!
  • Submit individual e-invoices or upload batches to request payments for all Retailers
  • View the status of payment requests and send follow-up notifications for late payments
  • Archive all e-invoices and payment records for easy accounting and reconciliation
PayAppPRO™ brings the PayApp™ mobile solution to your desktop – providing even greater centralization of payment requests and processing and additional features!
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“Manual payments using paper checks and cash is inefficient and a security risk to our business in the DC metropolitan area. PayApp™ is a excellent alternative and solution to our current out of date receivables process.”
Cary Northrop
Owner, Southwest Distribution
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