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eSkye by iControl

Simplify and automate the processing and communication
of pricing and promotion information to national accounts. 

pay by scanThe eSkye by iControl data sharing solution provides Suppliers, Distributors, and Retailers
with groundbreaking visibility to updated pricing and promotional information.

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For Suppliers & Distributors

Simplify and automate the processing and communication of pricing information to national accounts

  • Distributors get access to a web-based interface where products and promotions can be quickly set-up and modified with local pricing
  • Suppliers can then communicate those details to the chain retailer
  • The specific SKU pricing at the outlet level can then be communicated automatically to the retailers’ internal systems through EDI for the creation of shelf tags

For  Retailers

 Enable better decision-making and less administrative work as a result of the processing and communication solution

  • Distributors use the  web-based interface and  Suppliers communicate that pricing information  to the Retailer in real time
  • Retailers gain instant visibility on quoted pricing at the SKU store specific level and can compare these prices with supplier commitments
  • Decisions on optimal quantity buy-in at the store or chain level can be made based on real current and future pricing, item sales trends and individual financial metrics determined by the Retailer

Join the growing number of Suppliers, Distributors, and
Retailers exchanging data better with iControl.