The Empower DSD™ Automation Suite

Direct Store Delivery is a vital, beneficial, and profitable part of the retail supply chain. But it comes with significant operating and administrative challenges. iControl’s software and processes take the hassle and pain out of DSD, so our customers are Empowered to focus on what matters. 
Their customers.

What you owe. But not a penny more.


Errors happen. What you do about them is up to you.
iControl automates it all, so you only pay what you owe.

There are discrepancies on 10.5 percent of DSD invoices issued to small-format retailers, and 15.4 percent to supermarkets and other large-format stores. Are you catching them all? iControl’s Empower DSD™ suite automates the process of comparing receiving records to invoices, identifying errors and automating the recovery process. So you can pay only what you owe. And not a penny more.

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Empowering Retailers and Suppliers to
Achieve Superior DSD Outcomes with less Hassle!