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Direct Store Delivery is a vital, beneficial, and profitable part of the retail supply chain. But it comes with significant operating and administrative challenges. iControl’s software and processes take the hassle and pain out of DSD, so our customers are Empowered to focus on what matters. Their customers..

Predicted Out of Stock

Anticipate DSD Sellouts Before They Happen

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If you only had a crystal ball? Well, now you do.

Nothing frustrated a customer more than seeing an empty shelf. Except perhaps
ordering an item online and not receiving it because you didn’t have it in stock.
iControl can help you anticipate DSD sellouts, and alert your vendors for replenishment.

Key Metrics

Avg. Days Between Deliveries 

Days Until Next Delivery

Inventory on Hand

Expected OOS Date

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See how iControl’s solutions can empower you and your vendors

Take the hassle out of your business and put you in a better position to service your customers.

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