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Why 2018 Will Be The Year Of The B2B Mobile Payment Revolution

Getting stuck in outdated e-commerce methods, or even sticking with cash or checks? All of these have gradually become archaic in an era where mobile b2b payment processing.

You've perhaps been in the B2B industry for years, though managed to get stuck in outdated e-commerce methods, or even sticking with cash or checks. All of these have gradually become archaic in an era where mobile payment processing is more convenient for everyone.

mobile b2b paymentsIn the B2B world, it's especially useful because many businesses who buy products are constantly on the go. Some of them even have to travel internationally for business deals and can't always be available to pay for products in-person.

With that in mind, it's time to place yourself in the shoes of your buyers and bring the mobile B2B payment revolution to your company. When you use PayApp by iControl™, you'll make that transition considerably easier while enjoying more features than you perhaps estimated.

Let's look further at why 2018 is the year of the next gen B2B payment revolution and why it can change the B2B industry for the better.

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Sending Payment Requests

A major challenge for many B2B companies today is that b2b payment processing. Many of these companies are finding it too complicated to deal with payment processing and paper-based billing systems. You've likely noticed this yourself after an audit and realizing how much extra money you're spending just using paper invoices. Dealing with cash and checks has also likely placed considerable risk on your finances, especially when having to send out late payment notices.

Through PayApp, you'll send payment requests quickly with detailed invoices, request confirmations, and processing requests.

This creates a more real-time connection with your buyers so there isn't any protracted methods to getting payments when you need them.

Payment Approvals

The payment process can sometimes be slower with other mobile payment systems. Still, it's always faster than processing credit cards or other physical means of payment. If you're tired of dealing with slow payment processing, PayApp amends this quickly, including notifications on payment requests.

You can process B2B payments with suppliers using a default payment method so you don't have to do protracted steps on your own. With payment requests, you'll either get immediate confirmation of payment, or denial of request so you won't waste time on which steps to take next.

The Efficiency of e-Invoices

Through the Enterprise edition of PayApp, those in the mobile B2B payment processing industry can see the beauty of e-invoices and how they manage payments in a new way. If you're still using paper invoicing through snail mail, you already know how much time it takes to fill them out and mail individually to business customers.

Now you can submit e-invoices in seconds while giving you detailed metrics on what occurs afterward. You'll know when a payment occurs through status reports and who you need to send late payment requests to. Archiving is all internal as well so you don't have to worry about paper filing. You're perhaps already strained for office space, and e-invoices make it easier for your accounting departments to keep track of records.

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The Affordability of Mobile Payments

Maybe you've stayed away from mobile payment systems since you thought it would be too expensive. The investment you place in PayApp more than pays back in ROI. You already get to use it free for the first 90 days.

Afterward, the B2B payment plans are monthly and don't equal anywhere near the amount you'd pay dealing with paper-based systems, or the possible cost of risk. All editions of PayApp comes with exceptional features like payment by credit card, ACH, check image, and custom messaging options.

PayApp empowers users to become more profitable by reducing or eliminating credit card interchange fees entirely by offering payment by check image and ACH processing that is protected by an additional layer of approval only available in PayApp.  This provides your customer with additional piece of mind, while lowering their costs and getting you paid more quickly.

Contact us to see for yourself why PayApp is a leader in the mobile payment revolution. It's time to make your B2B business run more efficiently and inspire your buyers to become more loyal.Click here to calculate your savings.

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