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VIP, iControl Announce Availability of iControl Software as Standard Capability for all VIP Customers

VIP, iControl Announce Availability of iControl Software as Standard Capability for all VIP Customers.

Building on “Very Positive” Response to iControl from VIP Customers, VIP to Extend, Broaden its Strategic Partnership with Regulated Payments Processor iControl

COLCHESTER, VT and BURTONSVILLE, MD, July 6, 2015 – Vermont Information Processing (VIP), the leading route accounting software provider to the alcoholic beverage industry, and data and payment processing leader iControl Data Solutions (iControl), announced today that it has extended and broadened its partnership with iControl, and that iControl software is now available as a standard feature to all VIP customers.

iControl and VIP will be holding a by-invitation-only Webinar for VIP customers on July 15, 2015 to detail the expanded partnership with iControl and provide guidance to VIP customers on how to take advantage of the capabilities available to them from VIP and iControl without hassle, setup, or maintenance costs.

Launched in September 2014, the partnership between the two companies initially focused on streamlining activation for mutual customers.  In a matter of a few months, the relationship has grown from a handful of shared customers to dozens, and is growing weekly as distributors servicing chain retailers and small independent merchants alike have been taking advantage of the streamlined, cost-effective and fully compliant payment and reconciliation solutions offered by iControl.

“The response to our partnership with iControl from our customers has been very positive,” said Dan Byrnes, VIP’s President. “We’ve spoken to VIP customers who use iControl, and what we have found is that iControl is well-liked and is doing a terrific job.”

He added: “Our goal at VIP is to help our customers have the best possible solutions for their business challenges. We can see how iControl’s market share is growing every single day, and it just made sense for us to make the iControl software available to all our customers as a standard capability.  We’ll work with our customers and with iControl to make sure our customers take full advantage of the benefits and savings our partnership with iControl offers.”

“It has been highly gratifying to see adoption levels for iControl’s solution gain such momentum within VIP’s customer base and in general,” said iControl’s Chairman and Co-CEO Tal J. Zlotnitsky. “We are adding retailers and distributor connections every single day at a rapid pace, across the nation, from the likes of Kroger, E-Z Mart, Western Refining and Mapco Express, all the way to a tiny corner convenience. Extending and broadening our partnership with VIP means more distributors and more retailers will be able to take advantage of our superior service and prices immediately and without hassle. I look forward to even greater levels of integration between our companies and product families as we move forward. “

About VIP
VIP is a leader in providing innovative business solutions to the beverage industry, and has been for over 40 years. We work exclusively with beverage distributors and suppliers, and have solutions for all three tiers of the beverage industry. On the distributor / bottler side, VIP has almost a 60% market share among beer distributors in the country, and a growing number of independent Pepsi and soda bottlers are using the VIP Beverage System. VIP provides data collection and analysis tools to over 320 beverage suppliers. For more information about VIP, visit

About iControl

iControl is a leading provider of financial transaction facilitation and collaborative business intelligence solutions geared primarily to the food, drug and convenience value chain. We make it easier for trade partners to conduct business more efficiently and promote fact-based, timely, data-driven decisions that boost sales, reduce waste, promote efficiency, reward transparency, and align performance metrics.  We process and remit funds for millions of invoices annually, while providing real-time visibility to inventory and sales data from over 30,000 retail outlets in all 50 states, to both retailers and our network of over 3,000 distributors and manufacturers. The iControl Regulated Commerce Solution, available in all 50 states, is the choice of forward-thinking retailers and distributors within the alcohol industry who are seeking economical EFT payments and greater collaboration around data and analytics.  For more information about iControl, visit


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