Retail Insights & Analytics

Retail analytics is the process of providing valuable data on inventory levels, supply chain movement, consumer demand, sales, and much more that can be used for a variety of applications like maintaining procurement levels and making crucial marketi[...]

Retailers are always looking for better ways to buy from suppliers while reducing billing and payment overheads. While this might be easy for a small retailer, effective vendor management and supply chain collaboration becomes difficult when you’re d[...]

Inventory distortion is the combined cost of out-of-stocks, lost sales, and overstocks that retailers must discount significantly to sell. It results from the inability of retailers to respond swiftly and in a flexible way to consumer demands. This i[...]

As 2018 begins, B2B companies are looking at ways to enhance business intelligence and retail analytics to help streamline operations and increase efficiency.  As the world of scalable retail analytics, B2B mobile payments, big data and artificial in[...]

Finding a digital method toward complete visibility in your liquor business has probably been a big issue for a long time. Back in the days of paper-based systems, no doubt you grew tired of never getting invoices properly coordinated, or trying to l[...]

Managing a busy supply chain is a full time job. Manual billing systems can create further complications that reach well into your stakeholders’ systems. Furthermore, inadequate access to financial and merchandising data means retailers are making im[...]

For any retailer, it is essential to understand the customer's shopping experience at shelf. The layout and design of a shelf set, or planogram, is a clear representation of how well a retailer understands their customer. Which products are carried, [...]

As our reliance on technology grows, consumer behavior becomes increasingly important to analyze. Apart from explicit interaction with retailers through their online stores or social media, consumers leave digital clues virtually everywhere that expr[...]

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