B2B Payments

Managing a busy supply chain is a full time job. Manual billing systems can create further complications that reach well into your stakeholders’ systems. Furthermore, inadequate access to financial and merchandising data means retailers are making im[...]

Managing alcohol purchases is notoriously difficult business in the highly regulated liquor industry. Alcohol payment and credit processes are often over-complicated with complex, paper-heavy billing and invoicing processes. An automated system can t[...]

As a supplier, managing an account portfolio implies that you are fully capable of reacting quickly to any situation that arise. Deliveries get delayed, orders get amended and payments need to be accounted for, and the rise of digital technology has [...]

When it comes to managing a business, most prioritize working to increase profit, ROI, and saving money.  Despite that, many businesses still rely on out-of-date means to physically organize their invoices, which results in wasted time and money. 

As our reliance on technology grows, consumer behavior becomes increasingly important to analyze. Apart from explicit interaction with retailers through their online stores or social media, consumers leave digital clues virtually everywhere that expr[...]

Can your distribution supply chain benefit from reduced inventory costs, increased sales, enhanced operational efficiencies, decreased merchandising time, and a boost in sales? Of course it can. Achieve this and more by switching to scan-based tradin[...]

Mobile technology has taken off in recent years, with more flexible payment ecosystems giving retailers ways to improve supply chain collaboration. By adopting mobile technology in B2B payments, retailers and suppliers can not only build on partnersh[...]

The daily question we all face; “What do you want to do for dinner?”, was once black and white, with “cooking” representing a trip to the grocery store and “eating out” representing a trip to a restaurant. That daily decision is no longer black and w[...]

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