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Topco Associates LLC Partners with iControl to Offer a Leading Edge Alcohol Payments Solution to its Membership

Topco Partners with iControl to Offer its Alcohol Payments Solution to its Membership.

New Partnership will Provide a More Streamlined and Cost-Efficient Alcohol Payments Solution to Topco Member-Owners and Customers While Driving Significant Savings Throughout the Supply Chain

BURTONSVILLE, MD, April 25, 2016 – iControl Data Solutions (iControl), a leading process improvement and business insights provider, announced today a partnership with Topco Associates, LLC to offer Topco's members and customers an Alcohol Payments Solution.  Historically, alcohol payments had been an area where retailers in 30+ states had to pay cash on delivery for beer, wine, or spirits.  With a recent shift in the industry, iControl’s solution will allow retailers to facilitate alcohol payment transactions electronically. 

Greg Magrisi, Vice President of Sourcing, Topco Associates, LLC, stated, “Our new partnership with iControl allows us to provide a new or alternative alcohol payment solution to our members and customers.  The iControl solution not only eliminates cash changing hands at store level but it can provide robust reporting in the areas of credit requests, tracking, invoice discrepancies and more. We are excited to offer a leading edge technology that helps drive out costs, and improves the overall management of our members’ alcohol category”.  

Based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, Topco Associates, LLC is the largest grocery retail cooperative and one of the largest group buying organizations in the United States. Topco provides business solutions to its member-owners and customers in order to reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies across hundreds of for-resale and not-for-resale commodities.  

Tal J. Zlotnitsky, chairman and Co-CEO of iControl, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Topco, and we look forward to providing their membership a more streamlined and cost-efficient alcohol payments solution that will ensure accurate, compliant and secure payments to beer, wine and spirits distributors while driving significant savings throughout the supply chain.”

The iControl Alcohol Payment Solution is sourced by Topco’s Financial Services team and is available now to Topco’s members and customers.   

About iControl:

iControl provides retailers, consumer product goods companies, brokers, mainline distributors, and DSD wholesalers with a collaborative SaaS solution where they can share critical trading information such as POS activity in a normalized, harmonized, secure web portal. Our platform enables fact-based, timely, data-driven decisions that boost sales, reduce waste, promote efficiency, reward transparency, and align performance metrics. There are over 30,000 retail outlets taking part in iControl’s programs in all 50 states, over 120 retail banners, and over 3,500 suppliers participating. For more information about iControl, visit www.icontroldata.net.

About Topco Associates LLC:

Topco Associates LLC is a $15.3 billion, privately held company that provides aggregation, innovation and knowledge management solutions for its leading food industry member-owners and customers, including grocery retailers, wholesalers and food service suppliers. Topco leverages the collective volume, knowledge and commitment of these companies to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace by reducing costs and offering winning business-building capabilities. For more information, please visit www.topco.com.




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