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November 7, 2018

iControl Promotes Kelly Poling to Chief People & Process Officer, Jennifer Skinner to Executive VP

iControl President & CEO Tal J. Zlotnitsky today announced the promotion of Kelly Poling and Jennifer Skinner, whom he called "two of our best and brightest" in an announcement to the company's staff.

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November 2, 2018

5 Ways of Leveraging Customer Data to Provide Value to Your Business

Customer data has been around the retail world for a while now, and with more and more data around customers coming in each day, the value of this data will continue to grow. Unfortunately, this source of information on customers tends go to under-ut...

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October 26, 2018

Shrink Mitigation and Shrink Settlement

Whatever the cause – vendor error or fraud, employee theft, pricing error, or damage – shrink can have an enormous effect on sales, margins and profits, impacting both the retailer and supplier partner. Using iControl’s Harmony platform to settle shr...

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October 19, 2018

Why EFT Payments for Alcohol Are Vital

EFT payments are secure, less expensive, and more efficient than manual transactions. An EFT transaction costs you about 10 times less. They are also environmentally friendly!

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October 12, 2018

iControl Proud to Expand Relationship with Kwik Trip, Adds SBT

iControl announced today that it has expanded its relationship with client Kwik Trip, with the activation of its Scan Based Trading solution.  iControl had previously been providing alcohol payment services and related reporting to Kwik Trip.

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October 10, 2018

Scan-Based Trading Implementations with iControl Simplified

Moving a DSD category to scanned based trading could seem like a daunting task, but with iControl and the Harmony solution, it is simple. 

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August 17, 2018

5 ways DSD Powers Your Growth

In DSD, products are delivered directly to the store and merchandised by consumer products manufacturers. DSD is poised to have a large role in helping stores in 5 areas: grow revenue, higher margins, accelerated working capital, better returns on tr...

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August 15, 2018

Souther Glazers CIO, iControl Board Member Ann Dozier Featured in Forbes

  We are proud to have Ann Dozier as one of our board members. In her day-to-day role as the Chief Information Officer at Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits, North America’s largest wine and spirit distributor with over 21,500 employees, Ann is leadi...

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