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Shrink Settlements & Scan Based Trading in Harmony

Harmony by iControl™ - March 2016 Release Notes

To ensure our clients have the best experience using our solutions, iControl continuously works to refine capabilities and functionality based on user feedback.  We are excited to provide this monthly summary of completed enhancements and improvements to overall performance.

Topic:  User Access

  • Expanded Harmony™ login pop-up compatibility for Internet Explorer users

Topic:  Newspapers

  • Improvements on applications for Newspaper Suppliers to process payment disbursements
  • Enhancement to reconciliation functionality enabling invoice matching

Topic:  Shrink Settlement

  • Streamlining of shrink maintenance process to improve timing of reconciliation, settlement and invoicing

Topic:  Custom Reporting

  •  Development of Duplicate Delivery/Pickup/Inventory count reporting to improve accuracy

Topic:  Performance Improvements

  • Improved product naming conventions for specific clients

Topic: Harmony 2.0 Launch Preparations

  • Completed data migration and quality assurance testing in advance of the launch of Harmony 2.0 on April 9, 2016 which will provide users with:

          - New Modernized Design
          - User-friendlier Features
          - Better Visibility & Data Sorting
          - More Intuitive Filters
          - Enhanced Tables & Dashboards




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