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Harmony by iControl™ - January 2016 Release Notes

Harmony by iControl™ - January 2016 Release Notes

To ensure our clients have the best experience using our solutions, iControl continuously works to refine capabilities and functionality based on user feedback.  We are excited to provide this monthly summary of completed enhancements and improvements to overall performance.


Topic:  Billing

  • New ACH Fee Validation - prevents duplicate billing of ACH fees due to occurrence of partial billing
  • Supplier Billing Files Reporting - to monitor data integrity and billing accuracy on a weekly basis
  • Previously Rejected ACH files - resent automatically after the account or routing number has been updated to enhance the payment process

Topic:  Alcohol Payments

  • Enhanced Invoice Entry - adding "Invoice Amount" to the "Invoice Entry" search screen facilitating more search options for users
  • More File Transfer Options - with new support for FTP capability for VIP RAS clients
  • Pending Supplier Approvals - Retailers now receive confirmation notifications for pending Supplier approvals
  • Invoice Reversal - allowing clients to reverse out an invoice that was approved but not paid
  • New "Payment Hold" Feature - allowing clients to now hold payment at the Chain/Supplier/Store levels

Topic:  Report Subscriptions

  • Filter Enhancements - allowing users to search overlapping promotions and a new option to export summaries
  • Net Deliveries Report Calculations - refined timelines to generate more accurate net deliveries by date

Topic:  Scan-Based Trading Payments

  • More Selective Delivery Fees Application - by eliminating SBT delivery fee invoices without a corresponding POS invoice
  • Overall improvements to the MR template

Topic:  PDI Analytics

  • Refinements to analytic flows to improve responsiveness
  • Added up-front validation - including promotion requests and effective dates to prevent discrepancies

Topic:  System Improvements

  • New "Type Ahead" feature improves search functions - when assigning attributes to a Supplier name




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