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Harmony by iControl™ - February 2016 Release Notes

Harmony by iControl™ - February 2016 Release Notes

To ensure our clients have the best experience using our solutions, iControl continuously works to refine capabilities and functionality based on user feedback.  We are excited to provide this monthly summary of completed enhancements and improvements to overall performance.

Topic:  Alcohol Payments

  • Expanded "Reconcile Your Checks" feature to include all ACH payments improves ease-of-use
  • Synchronized calculations of "Dispute Resolution" to eliminate any timing gaps
  • Updated Product Catalog logic to archive older records, improving system filters
  • New ability to add invoice lines in the "Alcohol Payments-File Status" tab
  • Added exception reporting for files submitted via outbound wholesalers

Topic:  Scan-Based Trading Shrink Reconciliation

  • Standardized "Beginning Inventory" criteria across all reports to ensure consistency
  • Added "Aggregation By" button to the "Perpetual Inventory" reports that now triggers a by-store aggregation per user feedback
  • Created a new web page to manage Suppliers participating in Harmony shrink settlements

Topic: PDI Reporting

  • Adjusted qualifiers for "Unknown" products  displayed on the "Invoice Details" and "Invoice Summary" screens to improve product descriptions and filtering/sorting
  • Isolated PDI Analytics records for internal reporting

Topic:  Harmony Reporting

  • Added a check box to the "Unauthorized Items" report that allows the user to remove selected items, and better utilize the analysis capabilities
  • Added Client confirmation options for data uploads via the web portal
  • Added 3 new QA reports for Harmony "Sales Dates" and "Quantity Received"
  • Developed new reporting to track Duplicate Deliveries, Pickups and Inventory Counts
  • New filtering for invoices below user-defined thresholds 

Topic:  Performance Improvements

  • Improved invoice processing performance and overall speed
  • Consolidation of ACH payment batches
  • General bug fixes



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