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Harmony by iControl™ - May 2016 Release Notes

Harmony by iControl™ - May 2016 Release Notes.

To ensure our clients have the best experience using our solutions, iControl continuously works to refine capabilities and functionality based on user feedback.  We are excited to provide this monthly summary of completed enhancements and improvements to overall performance.

Topic:  Harmony 2.0 Updates

  • General performance improvements by streamlining store procedures and required table references
  • New functionality from the Payment Disbursement page that provides the ability to pull out checks by check disbursement date
  • Added a column displaying vendor account numbers on the Payment Details pages
  • Added Chain ID to the Enrollments page
  • Users can now select chains while filling in their bank information
  • New functionality allowing users to easily pull voided check information
  • Users can now choose if one ACH form should be submitted per chain, or if multiple chains should be selected from a single form
  • Added aggregation options for Perpetual Inventory reports that support a by-store filter
  • The Shrink Settlement reports now have "Fixed % of POS" as a settlement option
  • Users can now subscribe to the "Pending Deliveries and Counts" and pull that report on demand

Topic:  PDI

  • Added functionality that retrieves retail pricing from product prices if not present in the costs/promotions table. This corrects any instance of $0.00 retail prices being transmitted in the outbound xml file to PDI

Topic:  Alcohol Payments

  • Added the ability for retail users to view invoice details for those invoices that are in the Validation Failures tab which increases overall visibility
  • Added the ability for distributors to edit TERM invoices. This allows any invoice that is submitted but not processed to be edited and re-submitted for validation
  • The online Invoice Creator now allows suppliers to add invoices using the supplier store number (both manually and via the cross reference list table)
  • A new "Class of Trade" menu has been added allowing users to categorize clients more efficiently



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