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iControl's Empower DSDTM suite takes the hassle and pain out of Direct Store Delivery.

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As industry thought leaders, we offer ebooks, white papers, webinars, infographics and more.

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Electronic payment processing, like iControl’s Alcohol Payments, is a great way for alcohol distributors to speed up and simplify their payment processes across their distribution network.

Can your distribution supply chain benefit from reduced inventory costs, increased sales, enhanced operational efficiencies, decreased merchandising time, and a boost in sales? Of course it can. Achieve this and more by switching to scan-based tradin[...]

Mobile technology has taken off in recent years, with more flexible payment ecosystems giving retailers ways to improve supply chain collaboration. By adopting mobile technology in B2B payments, retailers and suppliers can not only build on partnersh[...]

Dealing with manual invoices and records in the alcohol industry is not only tedious, but it's slows everything down. Both take precious time that could be used for to furthering growth or faster delivery turnaround. With a dynamic B2B  payments plat[...]

 iControl Data Solutions, a data, payments and analytics software company, has made the 2017 Inc. magazine 5000 list. The award, which recognizes 5,000 of America’s fastest-growing private companies, adds iControl to a prestigious list of winners dub[...]

Retail environments and supply chains are becoming more complex. An increase in online consumers and accelerated globalization means that more products are being sourced internationally to meet the expectations of more choices. These trends mean bric[...]

As new consumer trends have led warehouses to stock large and more diverse quantities, alcohol distributors are dealing with more producers than ever before. This shift contributes to a more complex supply chain, as well as retailers, who also need t[...]

As B2B payment technology continues to advance, the positive impact on retail supply chain partners has been profound. This is especially evident in the Newspaper industry - where margins are slim, and cash flow is always top of mind. Moving to EFT p[...]

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