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Say Hello to the New iControl: Designed Around Customers Just Like You

Say Hello to the new iControl! Learn everything there is to know behind our updated look and experience.

Since 2009, over 44,000 retailers and 3,600 vendors have trusted iControl to simplify their alcohol payment processing, scan-based trading, and access invaluable on-premise POS data. All from one solution that offers an intuitive, empowering experience that puts people first.

And today, fueled by our accelerated growth and dedication to you –our customers –we’re excited to announce that we’ve undergone an extensive rebrand! 

At the heart of this rebrand is our mission to better serve the progressive retailers, suppliers, and distributors who rely on iControl. A brand that aligns with the ease of use and simplicity of its software.

“We’ve built a brand focused around our customers –the guests we serve –and the people behind iControl,” said Alexander Chua, CMO at iControl. “One that is as friendly, human and effortless as the solutions we offer. Solutions designed, and built by people just like you –who were also once in the food and beverage industry. We think our guests are really going to love the new iControl.”

Say “Hello” to the new iControl!



What’s changed?

Our new brand celebrates the same payment solutions you know and love, but with a renewed vision on improving the customer experience. Focusing on ease of use, modern design language, and a simpler more efficient way to understand our core products.

So expect to see new colors. Clearer content. An easier user interface. And an overall cleaner, more contemporary design. 

Our solution offerings will remain unchanged; all updates will simply support easier navigation and a more engaging browsing experience –so you can quickly find the information you need every time. 

What’s the meaning behind our rebrand? 

We realize stores and restaurants in the Food and Beverage industry are still using manual payment processes, and facing the unnecessary costs, time and stress this process bears. This knowledge drives us to be the most intuitive, all-encompassing B2B payment solution within the F&B industry. 

This rebrand is helping us do this and more. 

Now, we can safely say that every facet of our brand offers the superior, hassle-free experience our customers expect from our payment programs and customer service. 

Will the rebrand impact product offerings?

No, product offerings have not been changed; we’ve merely simplified what’s already there.

Harmony is now just iControl, and system performance has been raised by 75-80% across all pages. New functionalities are also available to give you more control over your operations (Product release coming soon!). 

As far as how our product is being reflected on our website, offered programs are now listed under the solutions tab, and advanced use cases outline the benefits of each one to suppliers, retailers, and distributors. 

These changes further establish iControl as a solution with an unmatched experience, and backed by the best customer service. 

Does the rebranding have any impact on existing agreements or contracts?

No. All current iControl contracts and agreements will remain unchanged under our new brand. 

And what about your website and social media channels?

Our website and all social media channels will remain at the same domains. 

Our primary home page is at, which will provide access to all three of our payment programs – Scan-Based Trading, Alcohol Payments, and POS Insights.

Meanwhile, our socials are available to you below:

We'd love to hear what you think as you notice changes in our branding. Connect with us on social media, and of course, don’t hesitate to reach us with your thoughts, questions, and compliments. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

I’ve got some follow-up questions about the rebrand; who can I talk to?

For more information about the rebrand, please contact us at or schedule your demo here. Thank you for being a part of our journey - we're looking forward to sharing this next exciting chapter with you!  

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About iControl

iControl is the only one-stop-shop for virtually all your food and beverage B2B payment needs –helping you dramatically increase margins. Now, retailers can leverage an electronic alcohol payment solution to pay their invoices, stay compliant, and get maximum return on the alcohol category. While those needing consignment solutions can leverage a Scan-Based Trading system to streamline logistics with trading partners –improving cash flow, and maximizing inventory. Get daily on-premise alcohol sales data from over 35,000 bars and restaurants nationwide –to help you make smarter decisions. It’s no wonder why 44,000+ retailers and 3,600+ vendors trust iControl to manage their B2B Payments. All in one secure solution to manage all payment programs, effortlessly.

Connect with iControl at

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