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3 Ways iControl Technologies Can Boost Your Efficiency & Profitability

iControl has created industry revolutionizing technologies and has won awards on these products. This post is a quick overview of how iControl technologies can help grow your business' profitability through more efficient payments, reporting, and visibility.

When it comes to delivery being fast, reliable, and accurate are key—but that’s often not enough. Having the tools and understanding to show your customers real-time, status, results, and (especially when it comes to direct store delivery) payments is key to success.

Solutions exist for proof of delivery and documentation of real-time delivery performance now that could have never existed in the past. The proliferation of mobile computing, timestamps, signature capture, scanning, GPS, and mobile payments has allowed for amazing advances for both sides: shipping & receiving.



When it comes to delivery drivers being able to accept mobile payments on their smart-device there is an immediate impact on your businesses profitability—no longer does your driver have to wait until a shop owner is free or has their checkbook. In delivery applications, these minutes of waiting turn into hundreds of hours of wasted time at scale. Your investment in technology can create a massive ROI (return on investment). Improved efficiency and profitability are critical to success—and when this means that dollars are in your bank account sooner, billing cycles are shorter, merchandise accuracy is increased, paperwork is eliminated, and reducing your operational costs—your business has the keys to success in a highly competitive market.

This article will help address four ways that direct store delivery software will improve your efficiency and profitability.

  • Reduced Paperwork & Data Sync

  • Mobile Payments & Invoicing

  • Increased Accuracy & Visibility


#1) Reduced Paperwork & Data Synchronization

Paper delivery forms and receipts are easily lost or damaged—and in the modern world of technology it’s hard to follow a paper trail when you need to reconcile any issues. iControl’s strategy doesn’t start with payments—we start with Data Synchronization. When you start with data such as item cost and retail, new item setups, and promotional allowances you need to make sure those are transparent for both sides in a centralized portal.

The next step is to make sure you can audit this, with a digital process it’s incredibly easy to make that process smooth; to match between retailer and supplier data sets to ensure all key trading data is correct before an invoice is even generated.

Harmony by iControl utilizes the fully synchronized item files, promotional plans and POS data to generate more accurate invoices that minimizes back-end accounting and reconciliation with invoice processing. This gives an unprecedented level of visibility on both sides so that trading partners can manage shrink—which impacts the bottom line.

The big piece of limiting physical paperwork is having daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reporting. These can be automatically generated so that your team isn’t searching through thousands of papers just to find the needle in the haystack. With the reporting, there is an ease when searching for data sets.


 #2) Mobile Payments & Invoicing

When a company starts by making sure that data is perfectly accurate it allows for the payments to always be confirmed and processed with 100% accuracy. You would never send out your driver to pick up cash payments and it’s not that much better to have them get physical receipts and invoices. Mobile payments is the only way to operate in a modern world. 

It starts with a payment request, the supplier uploads the invoice to be paid, including invoice amount, location, and any other comments. This is synced with the system to guarantee that all information matches from a data side. It pushes this confirmation request to the supplier & retailer of the payment request. Finally, the retailer receives a notification of the request, and either approve or deny via SMS link. Voila, just like that you’ve removed the need for check books, paper invoices, credit card swipes, and many more potential problems in the direct store delivery process.

This can be managed for both a smaller single location retail location, but other tools such as PayAppPROTM are designed for electronic payment requests, processing, and tracking at the enterprise level.


 #3) Increased Accuracy & Visibility

iControl's Enterprise Analytics Portal harnesses valuable insights by integrating retailer POS and loyalty card data with supplier distribution and promotional activity within a single retail insights platform.

That plays into the promotional activity as the most impactful way to drive sales. By maximizing your effectiveness of your promotions it allows for managing budgets in real-time. With ‘scorecards’ you have the visibility you need, when you need it.

Having quarterly promo planning is important, iControl features a dashboard for baseline sales, promoted lift sales, and the impact of average retail price on item velocity. There are even tools that allow for market basket analysis, so you can understand your products along for general category products a customer purchases. These types of tools give takeaways in a quick summary, that mixed with your personal understanding of the business, give you the insights to make the right decisions.

What allows you to stay ahead of the curve is knowing more about your business than anyone else. With the tracking of analytics and reporting accuracy you can actually project ahead of any negatives outcomes. Knowing more allows you to make the decisions necessary to re-train your employees, re-work your strategy, or double down on best practices to grow your business and revenues.   



Having an electronic direct store delivery solution, with analytics and reporting, and mobile payments to organize all transactions will give your group the necessary elements to grow your efficiency and profitability.

The investment in proper technologies will pay dividends with your return on investment for implementing solutions that keep your business growing, but also keeps your competitive advantage in front of ever-present competition. By using mobile payments and DSD software, delivery companies can improve customer services while boosting profitability.


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