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iControl’s electronic payments solution for Beer, Wine & Spirits utilizes our industry-leading
technology to provide Retailers and Distributors with a payment alternative
that is convenient, compliant and secure - at a fair price.


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We made the absolute right decision by selecting iControl. The people are dedicated professionals that care about our success. The software works as designed. There were a few skeptics at Red Lobster that iControl could do everything we discussed, but to our pleasure, they have.


Nathaniel Weaver

Senior Manager, Accounts Payable and Inventory Accounting


"We engaged iControl to support our corporate objectives to improve operations, increase customer satisfaction and expedite our ability to receive, process and pay vendor invoices.  We also were seeking a solution that benefitted the Vendors through better costs, easier billing and reduced their delivery times at each store.  We are thrilled with iControl's innovative service offerings that save us time, manage our cash flow more efficiently and improve the Store Manager's productivity.

What we appreciate most about working with the iControl team was their ability to keep us informed throughout the project and deliver the expected results.  Their services have exceeded our expectations." 

Bruce Elder

Director of Operations, MAPCO

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"As one of the top 20 largest alcohol Distributors in the country, Houston Distributing thoroughly evaluates all potential 3rd party solutions and partnerships. We have been impressed with iControl and its quick adaptability. They offer an industry-leading solution for beer payments, flawless integration with zero impact to daily operations, and tremendous support during and after rollout. Just as compelling is the cost savings by switching to iControl. With just a few clicks, a customer is now paying by iControl.

Over half of our payments are now procured by EFT. The elimination of cash, checks, money orders has helped tremendously. Drivers simply obtain a signature and leave. The time a driver spends is signifcantly reduced. Lost checks, money orders, missing cash is becoming a thing of the past."

Mike Foreman

Houston Distributing

pdi data exchange

"iControl is a great resource, their payment option is my number one choice!!! It is easy to use and iControl support is always helpful. I recommend it to all our new customers."

Debbie Linthicum, A/R Agent

Monarch Beverage Co.

scan based trading model

"The iControl fees for us and our Retailers are very attractive."

Kelli Decker

Controller, Superior Beverage Group

how does scan based trading work

“iControl made switching our Longview location over easy.”

Charlene Freeman

Data Processing, Giglio Distributing

alcohol payment system

“Very happy with how it works...everything has gone real smooth.”

Eric Archer

Controller, Cherokee Distributing

alcohol electronic payments

“The setup was a breeze and the integration across all our locations has been seamless.”

Jonathon Sewell

Hand Family Companies

line item matching

“Setup was fast, and support for setup was good.”

Richard Rigg

Controller, Hayden Beverage

scan based trading

“iControl is a lot easier to use than I expected, at a much lower cost. The personalized service from the iControl team has been excellent.”

Jennifer Davis

Ed F. Davis

next-gen reconcilliation

“iControl’s EFTDirectTM program has been instrumental in improving our relationships with our customer by saving both of us time and money. We’ve been able to service our customers better by being able to offer an EFT payment solution that is free to our independent retailers. It has made daily operations easier having them switched over to EFT. We have been so pleased with iControl’s EFTDirectTM program that we offer it to every new retailer that opens in our territory.”

Trey Banta

Faust Distributing Company

“By minimizing cash and check handling iControl has helped us secure our payments. They take care of our payments, and at such a low cost. Their services are exceptional and they are there to help every step of the way.”

Wanda Stone

Accounts Receivable, Faust Distributing Company

sbt scan based trading

“iControl has enabled us to consolidate most of our beer and wine purchases into a single source. This means faster reconciliations and more accurate reporting. Their online tools are easy to use and help us track our costs across all our locations.”

David Tresch

Controller, James Coney Island, Inc.

sbt scan based trading

“We have been partnered with iControl for a little over a year now, and it has been a wonderful experience! Their quality of service is top-notch, and their staff second to none. Accuracy and prompt services is extremely important, and that is exactly what we get! They offer everything we need at extremely affordable rates. I highly recommend iControl to any distributor or retailer looking for an EFT Program.”

Natalie Tuzon

Accounting/Pricing Supervisor, Crescent Crown Distributing

defination of scan based trading

“We signed on with iControl about a year ago with one major retailer; today we are processing with three of our bigger customers, a handful of independent folks, and are recommending a few more of our larger customers jump on the iControl train!”

Mike Fowler

Controller, Ajax Distributing

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“iControl has not only simplified our alcohol payment process but also saved us 40% off the competitor’s price module. Drew and his team have been great to work with. I would recommend their service to any business serving alcohol.”

Lianne Jelson

Controller, Café Express

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