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iControl processes payments  between trading partners, including remittance  to suppliers, credits, shrink settlement, and promotional allowances. We process transactions cost effectively and in real time.   To simplify and streamline the effort required to   manage financial statements, we synchronize the transaction activity records into the operating and accounting systems of both trade partners.




iControl's approach to Scan-Based Trading is different because it doesn't begin with payments.  Our solution begins with data synchronization, integrating our advanced analytics and financial management experience to ensure the payments we process are 100% accurate.

iControl’s electronic payments solution for Beer, Wine & Spirits utilizes our industry-leading technology to provide Retailers and Distributors with a payment alternative that is convenient, compliant and secure at a fair price.

iControl's B2B Digital Payment Solution,
PayApp by iControl, provides distributors with a cost effective and streamlined solution to invoice and collect payments from independent and
small retailers.

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